006. Pretty reckless


They said that too much of a good thing is bad for you, and that’s true. Cut and dried, tried and tested. Pork can be delicious, yeah, but when it’s on the menu nearly everyday, it’s going to make one gag. The repetitious cafeteria menu took its toll on me that I decided to take another course of action. Bring my own food to the office. So my meals are home-cooked now. And you know, my body feels so much better now. Maybe because I’m able to regulate how much I get to consume.* Read more

005. In Fear


Sorry, but this isn’t about the Allen Leech movie–I haven’t watched it yet, swear! And anyway, I doubt that it’ll be shown here in the Philippines, so–meh. Anyway, yesterday afternoon, I was looking at my Twitter timeline, just to see if there’s anything interesting. And you bet, I did find something interesting. I clicked on this link from BBC, with an article about strange (but OMG true) news tidbits during the Victorian times (read: 1850s). It goes to show that whenever I hear some people say, “Mamatay ako sa takot” (I’ll die from fright)–it’s not something that you can laugh about.

In 1858, a group of girls came home from the factory where they worked in. On their way home, a coffin lay on the street. When these girls came closer, the coffin started to move, with a strange sound. Suffice to say, it was enough to scare these girls away. A boy saw them while they were screaming their scared hearts out, and had them show him what made them so scared. And then they saw their pranksters, who bragged of their exploits in the nearby pub. One went as far as to rebuke them.

One of the girls who reported for work the following day, complained that she was not feeling well. Later on, she died. Meanwhile, the pranksters got their share of dread. They were taken to court, but later on, the jury found them not guilty. All the same, what comes around, goes around.

When I read this article, I was torn between laughter and disbelief. I mean, come on. That really happened? But of course, it did. This tale, albeit strange, was true, and it goes to show that before making a prank, make sure that your target has a very good constitution. Generally, pranks like this aren’t recommended.

And yes, the author was right. If the prank was made in our generation, it would have been “filmed” through mobile phone camera, and uploaded to Youtube. Thankfully, my practical joker friends only have gone as far as hiding things and startling other people into wakefulness.

Messrs. Morshaw and Mawdsley, this is totally uncool.

More strange tales from Victorian times found here.

Image credits: BBC.

004. Rock and roll.

An ode to my new favourite song on my Spotify playlist. For years, yours truly has been searching for the title of that totally dance-able song, and thanks, Gary Glitter, whoever you are!

Today was spent cooking a really good lunch–sorry, no pictures taken! It’s to celebrate the fact that I can cook normal food again, and that my dad’s getting better. Our family has a lot to thank for, and that my friends, are your prayers. Please continue praying. My dad’s progress is amazing, and we are thankful to God for each milestone. For the fourth day in a row this week, he’s been eating with us in the dining room table–eating proper food, after months of just drinking milk and just staying inside the bedroom.

And this afternoon, I got a bit too brave and baked a cake. The cake turned out fine. The frosting process was, well, a failure. If, however, we are to look at the other side, there are matters where one should let sleeping dogs lie. And this cake is an example.

Look at what the cat dragged in.

Look at what the cat dragged in.

All right. No use lying any longer. I never thought I’d get hooked on Downton AbbeyTo those who know me well, I know you’d say, Yeah, sure. But here I am, pretty much hooked. Come on, the tapestry of story lines behind every character is so complex, but still, it is light viewing. Hands down, I’d rather watch this than all the Pinoy telenovela dramas that keep on churning the same drivel. Here, you don’t see showdowns between legal wives and mistresses; the legal husbands or the “other men”. And oh, let’s not forget the Koreanovelas. Don’t get me wrong. There were Pinoy telenovelas and Koreanovelas that I liked–but they were few and far in between–yes,  I am choosy like that. Read more

003. Sweet ambition

Er, yes, I’m still up.

And I’ve tried to make caramel sauce. It would have been successful it the fire hadn’t been too hot (the stove is a tricky thing, since you have to watch it all the time). If Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abbey was a real person, she would say, “A bad workman blames his tools.” Well I am, to blame–partly. Ironically, I was practically at the saucepan’s side as the caramel mixture gradually thickened, but I got called to do something for a few minutes, and I forgot to turn off the stove. End result–some of the mixture got stuck at the bottom of the pan (translation: it got a bit burnt), the colour was a little darker–it was of a light-rust colour, and it tasted a eeny weeny bit bitter. I really do need to be more watchful or careful this time.

But it is fairly easy. And very um, delicious. And the ingredients are found in your home already.

What you’ll need:

Butter (salted or unsalted)

Brown sugar

Heavy cream (I tried the All Purpose cream–it does work)

Salt (if you prefer the salted caramel)

Looking at this recipe, I now know what I did wrong! But the “salvaged” product was fine, even with its glitches. I originally used this recipe and it would have turned out well had I been more careful. But of course, you live, you learn.

Will do this better next time.

002. Lest it be forgotten

And it shouldn’t be.

A hundred years ago, a war of global proportions was declared. While on the surface, the murder of an Austrian archduke had triggered the war, in reality age-old disputes and issues between nations in Europe brought the matter to a head. Just think of it like this: a couple who keep on dredging things up every quarrel until something major really happens–a turning point–then kaboom! It’s an all out war. Since I am no war historian, and do not pretend to know everything (I do intend to do some more researching–probably during the holidays), I am only using that “couple” bit as an analogy. Nothing more, nothing less.

lest we forget

Not to digress, this war took as long as four years. Back then, people would say, “It would be over by Christmas.” No, it wasn’t. So many men killed–sons, brothers, husbands,  sweethearts, friends–dying like flies, by the millions. Many men were also injured (for reference, a rough estimate is found here). At that time, people went off to war to help fight that battle–to fight in “the war that will end all wars.” Not true either. Look at World War II. But that war was the start of many changes in society. Women were able to do their part–they worked as nurses, cooks, ammunition factory workers, and even ambulance drivers. Am pretty sure that the list doesn’t end there. Read more

001. Rebirth

Yes, guilty as charged. Entries deleted to make a sort of rehabilitation. Lately, I have been at a loss as to how this blog will live on. But I’ve decided to let it go on as before–letting myself go wild. Hopefully, my creative juices will do the same!

At the risk of overusing this word–I’ll say it–I’ve been crazy busy. With work–I love it still, and it’s nice to know that I have more time to improve on the skills that I already know, and work on the things I’m not good at. Yeah, I’ve been saying it again and again. But it’s really something to be thankful for–to find a job that you love.

Hopefully this would be the last time I’d zap out all my entries.

Here’s to more adventures and reasons to blog!