Sunday, 7 February 2016

047. Sweets To My Sweet: The White Hat Sweets and Letters Calligraphy Workshop

Oops, this one's two weeks almost a month overdue!

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I went to the White Hat Yoghurt store in Fully Booked at the Bonifacio Global City. I brought nothing but excitement and enthusiasm, having little or no knowledge at all about calligraphy, let alone ink calligraphy. But hey, part of life is learning something new, so why not learn something that might become some kind of skill in the future?

The workshop began with an introduction about the pen and the nib--and there are actually many kinds of nibs! Three of them are actually provided in our workshop kit.  The resource person was Ms. Fozzy Dayrit, and she was really awesome! She helped me find a better way to write because as a lefty, I had a difficult time writing properly, and the ink tended to blot on my drill sheets.

Sadly, I've lost all other pictures about this event, but it's possible that in future entries, I may document my progress in lettering and calligraphy!

Till then! :)

Sunday, 17 January 2016

046. Truly, truly scrumptious!

While watching random videos of musicals in YouTube, I came across this. For someone who grew up on musicals like The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady, it makes me wonder why I've NEVER seen this when I was little! It's never too late, though. ;)

This video is always on repeat! I'm practically hooked to the song. :) It features Sally Ann Howes, Adrian Hall, and Heather Ripley, and the movie where it is from is called Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

045. Yellow Rum Cake recipe

Rum cakes remind me of my childhood, my teenage years attending youth gatherings at church, and on occasion, choir rehearsals on Saturday evenings.

My confirmation godmother loves to bake and cook, and she does it very well! An few examples are her apple pie, and of course, her rum cake. She gave her recipe, which includes yellow cake mix. Pillsbury has them, but alas, we don't have Pillsbury cake mixes anymore, so I had to find a recipe from scratch. 

044. Game Over

How is everyone? Doing fine, I hope. 

Remember this post a few days back? I still had ten stickers to go, but after the New Year, Starbucks' had a double sticker promo so I was able to catch up. And I did more than catch up. 

I got it! :) 

Yes, the green one! :)  The black notebook contained (sadly) discontinued notes for my Labour Relations class nearly two years ago now.

Getting the stickers was a different experience. To be honest, I was at one point chucking it all, but I decided to keep at it. I told myself that I will use this experience as an inspiration. That if I didn't give up in getting the stickers, I wouldn't give up in other things worth striving and persevering for--law school, my career, and everything else.

I wouldn't have this planner without the help of my friends at work! One of them knew I love Moleskine, so she encouraged me to get this planner. The other one gave me two extra stickers that surely helped a lot in speeding up things! I really thank them both!

My stomach, however, paid for it. I've forgotten how it reacts when I have consumed an excess amount of caffeine. So, for days, my stomach was in its absolute worst. While it has been a great experience getting the stickers, it's not something I'd do every year. 

And after this, I won't be drinking a single drop of coffee for the rest of the year, and inspire me to save up for a Moleskine planner that I've bought off store shelves! Looking back, I've calculated the cost, this planner, and the expense of getting this cost more than the ones bought in the bookstore. 

Next year, I know better! ;) But thank you Starbucks, for helping me unearth a blessing in disguise! :)

Monday, 4 January 2016

043. The Random 10: Things I Have Learned, and Things I Will Do.

How are you all doing on Day 3? Hope everyone's doing fine.

2015 was a year of lessons for me. Admittedly, some were not accepted with grace, but eventually, I took it as a good learning experience. (Hopefully, that made sense!) 

This year is also about valuing other people, my work, the things I have, the things around me, and most importantly, myself--which means that my health, my finances, my spiritual and mental well being are included.

Here's a random list of what I've learned and what I aim to accomplish this year.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

042. The Royal Wedding+Downton Abbey Series finale+ the Starbucks planner quest


It's day 02 of 366, and I can't wait to see how the year unfolds!

The past year was a roller coaster indeed. For one thing, the days flew by! It may sound totally cliche, but it's true. I'll tell you more about it in a separate post, since there are things I am excited to share. 

After a three-day stay in the hospital, and getting a good laptop despite battling flu and asthma, I must say that the week was good. Really good. For one thing, my dad is on the mend, me and my mom watched the season finale--mentioned in number 2--on the telly--the hospital room has a TV--and I was touched at the ending.

1. Meg Cabot's Royal Wedding

I bought this book a few days ago, while I was buying presents for my godchildren and parents, and curled up with it after a long day.

Mia Thermopolis is back, and she's better than ever! This is the first adult installment of the series, as the story is set eight years after Forever Princess, and five years after college graduation. If you've been following the series as I did, no doubt you'll have fun reading this! 

Mia has never been so happy. And busy. She runs a teen community center, attending royal engagements...

And speaking of engagements, Michael Moscovitz, the love of Mia's life, finally popped the question!

The fun starts from there. I loved reading this installment because it showed a more rounded Mia, who still hasn't stopped being such an adorable worrywart. But it shows that she's human, and trying to cope with her public and private life as well as she possibly could. 

Oh, and here's the cover! 

041. New food and TV discovery + episode frustration.

The days surely flew by quickly!

Now it's December, and I hear Christmas carols being sung--or played in nearly every public place I've been to recently. The air still hasn't gone cold yet, though, but I'm hoping that when it comes, it won't be too cold! Getting the sniffles in what supposedly is the merriest and most festive month in a year isn't exactly what I'm looking forward to.

December also means the end of Downton Abbey,  also known as the end of an era. Well, it does feel like it! Ever since my older sister told me about it, I've tried catching up with episodes, and managed to be up to date. I've been frustrated with one episode, since it means it has dashed the hopes of my new favourite character.

So I'm looking forward to the Christmas special, and hoping that aforesaid favourite character would find some resolution with her aborted romance with a land agent turned marquess. Oops, sorry, that's a spoiler! (Note: I've already watched it, and there's a happy ending in sight!)

With the end of a TV series, I've been scouring for new TV shows to watch. Through a movie, I discovered a new TV series! One of the actors in the movie Streetdance 3D, Richard Winsor, is in a TV series called Casualty. Personally, I think it's the British equivalent to America's ER, and has been around longer than the American hospital drama. The cast of Casualty also includes Amanda Mealing, Lee Mead, Charles Venn, George Rainsford, and Crystal Yu, among others.

Here's a trailer of one episode.

When While I was looking for baking supplies, I spied this little (well, not so little) burger kiosk. The burgers  are small, all right. But they're very filling! This is what I had that day--bacon and mushroom. The burger was juicy, and I must say I'll be buying again!

This is the menu, courtesy of Berrylicious's blog!

Oh, and happy new year!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

40. Change is coming.

Sorry, the grade is slightly blurry, but I'm really proud of the grade I received. I wasn't exactly expecting this. To be honest, I wanted to just pass the course, never mind getting a good grade.

So after almost a month of studying about the atom, the nucleus, ionising radiation, and the proper way of using a survey meter, normalcy has resumed, and I'm back to monitoring the flow of documents and making sure it gets to the right destination.

My desk at work, when there's not a lot of papers to route out. Otherwise, it would be cluttered with papers. I sort the papers according to destination, as to save me a trip, since I route papers to five different buildings!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

039. My Idea of a Perfect Lifestyle Blog + My Favourite Lifestyle Bloggers + (Plus a few pet peeves)

It's been twelve years since I started blogging, and haven't stopped since.

Writing is a joy, and because of that, I appreciate good writing styles of different writers, different people. I started blogging in 2003, mainly to vent about someone I couldn't have (haha). All that, has changed, however, when I started to really observe people, things, places, events, even food. The days of venting, ranting and raving now belong to the past. Mind, I still express my feelings--be it anger or joy, but as time passes I have taken the "mature and civilised" route.

Years passed, and my blogroll changed. I've recently acquired a liking for lifestyle blogs. Mind, I still check out my friends' blogs, But it is interesting to see what other people do in the other side of the world. Oh, and that includes how to have fun! The best thing about these lifestyle blogs is that the author or the curator knows how to engage their readers.

The only snag--sometimes, the things I see or read seem so unreachable or unattainable. In other words, I can only dream. Note, however, that I don't experience pangs of envy. In fact, I feel as if I've lived vicariously through them!

Here are a few of my favourite lifestyle bloggers:

1. The Londoner- Reading her blog is pretty much like coming over for a cup of coffee or tea, something good to eat, and for a chat! Two of my favourite posts from her blog would be her recipe for red velvet cookies, which I've tried with a few modifications. The other favourite post was her blow dry tutorial, which I've yet to try, as I don't always have plenty of time!\

I like the way Rosie writes her blog--she writes as if she's talking to her readers, which is basically the way it should be. Plus, she replies to the comments when she could--she's a busy lady (which you can see from her blog entries), which makes her all the more adorable!

Rosie's clothes are also awesome, absolute killers. If I had the same figure as her, I'd love to raid her closet!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015