005. Simply irresistible.

Do you have that feeling whenever you read a book–that you feel like you’ve travelled to another place, another time and met new friends?

Am no exception, because I feel that way too! And get this, no passport needed. My sorority sister, another bookworm herself, shared a link in Facebook which, when clicked, contains a list of websites who have free e-books, for everybody’s enjoyment. So, who am I to deprive you to the right of a good read? Nobody, of course.

This list contains over one hundred links to click on, peruse and discover. Best of all, it’s legal! 

Enjoy reading!

001. Back to black.

Well here I am, with entries that have more structure, hopefully. Admittedly, I do have a love-hate relationship with my muse, who tells me I should have more focus. Well, she’s right!

A year and few months ago, a friend and I planned on a collaborative blog. However, that petered out in a year–and that was it. It’ll be useless to bore you with the details. So, what’s stopping me from trying to do what I wasn’t able to a year ago? Nothing, of course. Except to dust the past off (hehe how dramatic) and try again. Probably it would be heaps better if I did it on my own, haha, and it would inspire me to write again stuff that isn’t a memo or a special order–although it’s good practice at work.

I don’t want to promise you anything, but just sit, and wait for the fireworks! Okay, just kidding.But I swear I’ll be back soon! :)

Time out.

Lately, I haven’t got energy or inclination to write here–which is sad, considering I’ve been blogging here for two years. Yes, two! Also, this blog has been a huge part of my life, so you can see, it would be hard to just let it go. At the risk of talking in circles, my online home will have to be revamped for the nth time. Hopefully it would have more structure, since it’s probably why I’ve slacked off where updates are concerned!

Promising to really behave in the future!