002. Lest it be forgotten

002. Lest it be forgotten

And it shouldn’t be. A hundred years ago, a war of global proportions was declared. While on the surface, the murder of an Austrian archduke had triggered the war, in reality age-old disputes and issues between nations in Europe brought … Continue reading 

001. Rebirth

Yes, guilty as charged. Entries deleted to make a sort of rehabilitation. Lately, I have been at a loss as to how this blog will live on. But I’ve decided to let it go on as before–letting myself go wild. Hopefully, my creative juices will do the same!

At the risk of overusing this word–I’ll say it–I’ve been crazy busy. With work–I love it still, and it’s nice to know that I have more time to improve on the skills that I already know, and work on the things I’m not good at. Yeah, I’ve been saying it again and again. But it’s really something to be thankful for–to find a job that you love.

Hopefully this would be the last time I’d zap out all my entries.

Here’s to more adventures and reasons to blog!