Sunday, 23 November 2014

009. Learning curves.

You learn something everyday, and there will always be an opportunity for a learning experience. Hope that made sense! But whether it does or not, it doesn't make it any less real.

Lately, I've been trying to find recipes for healthy food to bring to work--meaning, home-made meals. And it feels good knowing that the food you eat is safe, healthy, and well um, measured. That way, I wouldn't worry if I ate too much or too little, although I've read somewhere that less could be more. A few days ago, I've met my success story, which sadly, I've failed to document, haha. Lunch menu for Wednesday: three strips of salmon belly (which is actually more than enough), five wedges of rosemary potatoes, a Granny Smith apple sliced into quarters (my container lid was a bit loose, so it was a bit brown--signs of oxidation!), and a bottle of juice (do try Welch's Cranberry Juice cocktail--mind, this is not an advertisement!).

The next day, I have been tasked to think of a quick meal for dinner. Thankfully, the night before, I prepared drumsticks meant to be oven-fried but still ended up being pan-fried, alas. This is what happens when one gets overconfident, hahaha. Despite its slightly singed appearance, it still tasted good, yay! :)  I've still to perfect the recipe, ergo, I can't share it here yet. But I promise to share the recipe for the salmon belly one of these days.

Presenting the oven/pan fried chicken!

The learning curve doesn't end with food--it's actually extended to make up application (and even wearing high heels). Yes, you read it right! You see, I've learned early on how to do the usual--foundation, powder, blush-on, lipstick and mascara. But if Napoleon had his Waterloo, well, mine is applying eye liner. No joke here. My eyelids flicker like mad whenever I try to do it, so it ends up smudgy, and I end up looking like a badly-mauled panda. No exaggeration. I'd rather not take a photo, it'll only give people nightmares. Hence, I gave up, and decided to do without eye liner.

But needs must when the devil drives. I was chosen to be part of the reception committee for a major office event, so I figured that I might as well look good, it might never happen again. Ergo, the need to learn how to do it properly again came, and so, I practised with a felt-tip eye liner that my older sister gave me. I really should be doing it using the traditional pencil, but I figured it wouldn't make sense since I would end up using that liner from my sister. And speaking of major office events, I am practising wearing high heeled shoes for a long period of time--for the same purpose. I used to be able to wear high heels for a whole day when I was a full-time student (the school I used to study in required us to wear corporate attire), but when I started working I ditched the heels for a pair of sensible flats, since part of my job description requires me to deliver documents to six sections located in four different buildings.

My feet got too used to wearing flats, so now it has a hard time adjusting to wearing high heeled shoes again. But I do have to learn it again, and it's again a sort of challenge if I am able to do it. So there. Tiis ganda, as some of my officemates and friends in law school would say. If it would help boost my confidence, why not? Bring it on, I'd say.

I'll have to stop--but I promise to share more the next time. Till then!

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