Friday, 28 November 2014

010. Lunch date

Everyday at work, I eat lunch with a wonderful group of people and it's always a joy being with them. There's always something to talk about whether it's the latest political scandal (not new), or the delivery of new equipment. We never run out of topics. One of them would be food. And speaking of food, a friend asked me for the recipe of the fish and the potatoes. The recipe is pretty simple.

I cannot, however, lay entire claim to the recipe, since I learned this from my older sister, with a few tweaks. You can also use pork with this too. But since my body can't take much more of that meat for the meanwhile, I decided on fish--salmon in particular. Here it is! :)

What you'll need:

Half a kilo of salmon belly

1 lemon

Salt (1/2 teaspoon--but still depending on your taste)

Chilli flakes

Dried rosemary

Oil (cooking oil is fine, but I used olive oil here--it's still your call! ;) )

And one non-food item: a 1 gallon zip lock bag, or any deep container that can hold half a kilo of salmon belly.

In the zip lock bag, squeeze the lemon, and put in the fish. Sprinkle in the salt, rosemary, and chilli flakes, then add the oil. (After closing the bag--you can never be too clear), shake the contents until every part of the fish is covered by oil, lemon juice, salt, rosemary, and chilli flakes. Keep it in the fridge for as long as four hours--but it'll be better if kept overnight.

HOW TO COOK: Once the fish is ready, pre-heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. (Around one hundred fifty degrees Celsius), and let cook for an hour (turn it over every 20 minutes), until it is opaque, medium to pale pink, and flaky.

To clarify matters (if you doubt the integrity of the salmon in the photograph--whether it's already cooked or not)--I had to put the fish into the microwave for three more minutes because I wasn't too sure if it was already cooked. After three minutes in the microwave, they were nicely done and pale pink. :)


Two medium-sized potatoes, cut into wedges

Juice of half a lemon (or more, depending on your taste)

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons olive oil (butter can be an alternative, but skip the salt if you're using salted butter)

a dash (or two--or probably even more) of dried rosemary

Mix them all in a pan, and let it bake for an hour (occasionally turn the potatoes over so the oil (or butter), salt, rosemary and lemon juice would be evenly distributed over all the wedges every fifteen minutes. Fussy, I know, but it's well worth it!

A promise made and a promise kept! ;) Do give it a try and please let me know how it went! :)


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