Saturday, 31 October 2015

40. Change is coming.

Sorry, the grade is slightly blurry, but I'm really proud of the grade I received. I wasn't exactly expecting this. To be honest, I wanted to just pass the course, never mind getting a good grade.

So after almost a month of studying about the atom, the nucleus, ionising radiation, and the proper way of using a survey meter, normalcy has resumed, and I'm back to monitoring the flow of documents and making sure it gets to the right destination.

My desk at work, when there's not a lot of documents and communications to route out. Otherwise, it would be cluttered with papers. I sort the papers according to destination, as to save me a trip, since I route them to five different buildings!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

039. My Idea of a Perfect Lifestyle Blog + My Favourite Lifestyle Bloggers + (Plus a few pet peeves)

It's been twelve years since I started blogging, and haven't stopped since.

Writing is a joy, and because of that, I appreciate good writing styles of different writers, different people. I started blogging in 2003, mainly to vent about someone I couldn't have (haha). All that, has changed, however, when I started to really observe people, things, places, events, even food. The days of venting, ranting and raving now belong to the past. Mind, I still express my feelings--be it anger or joy, but as time passes I have taken the "mature and civilised" route.

Years passed, and my blogroll changed. I've recently acquired a liking for lifestyle blogs. Mind, I still check out my friends' blogs, But it is interesting to see what other people do in the other side of the world. Oh, and that includes how to have fun! The best thing about these lifestyle blogs is that the author or the curator knows how to engage their readers.

The only snag--sometimes, the things I see or read seem so unreachable or unattainable. In other words, I can only dream. Note, however, that I don't experience pangs of envy. In fact, I feel as if I've lived vicariously through them!

Here are a few of my favourite lifestyle bloggers:

1. The Londoner- Reading her blog is pretty much like coming over for a cup of coffee or tea, something good to eat, and for a chat! Two of my favourite posts from her blog would be her recipe for red velvet cookies, which I've tried with a few modifications. The other favourite post was her blow dry tutorial, which I've yet to try, as I don't always have plenty of time!\

I like the way Rosie writes her blog--she writes as if she's talking to her readers, which is basically the way it should be. Plus, she replies to the comments when she could--she's a busy lady (which you can see from her blog entries), which makes her all the more adorable!

Rosie's clothes are also awesome, absolute killers. If I had the same figure as her, I'd love to raid her closet!


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

038. Pack up all my care and woe, here I go singing low.

It's official: Music is the greatest mood changer for me. Always have and always will. 

Friday, 11 September 2015

037. The Random 10: Things that make my heart smile.

Starting today, I will make a list of ten random things that make (me) _______________.

Yes, I shall confess. As a little girl, I was often told off at school for being such a chatterbox. Maybe that's not such a surprise, given the length of the entries here in the blog, to the point that I'm verging towards incoherence. 

You know, it's often very hard for me to actually put my thoughts on paper, which is ironic, given that there are so many things that bubble up my mind. Probably because they go off my mind as quickly as they surface. However, don't let it confuse you and make you think that I'm scatterbrained. Because I know that I'm not. 

In order to make a more organised post, good habits need to be established! Hence, this new "feature" (hahaha) of my blog. Not only it would make the blog less cluttered content-wise, it would help me focus on the important stuff. So, I bring you the first of The Random 10 Series. This is inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Helga Weber

1. An opportunity for self improvement. Two years ago, I attended a training course at work, but chucked it after two days, as I felt in over my head, and my family was worried that well, I would make a bad record. As soon as I graduated from high school __ years ago, I promptly buried all thought of Chemistry and Physics six feet under, not knowing that I'll have need of it someday.

However, I told myself that I'll put on a game face, and I'll tackle it as well as I could. So, again, I am now taking the training course and freed myself of unrealistic expectations. While it would be nice to have good marks, at the end of the day, it's knowing that I would have learned something and hopefully, I would be able to contribute more.

Monday, 31 August 2015

036. A month in review || August

What better way to cap off a month than the last day? It's been a roller-coaster of a month, and that's pretty much an understatement. Words aren't enough, to tell the truth. 

Movie Potato

Was laid up by an unholy alliance of flu and asthma, and so, I stayed at home and watched movies--two, actually. I made a review of the other one, which is subject to revision, as I felt that I've not done it justice.

Image credit here.

The other movie, The Young Victoria (brilliantly, in my opinion, portrayed by Emily Blunt) shows what the life of Queen Victoria was, before she became queen. She really had a miserable life under the control of her mother, the Duchess of Kent (Miranda Richardson), and the completely odious John Conroy (Mark Strong). If it weren't for Prince Albert of Prince Saxe Gotha (Rupert Friend), I believe she would have reached the end of her tether. Throughout the movie, I really saw how he really cared for Victoria, and wanted her to do well, and at the same time, respected the fact that she was woman, wife, and Queen.

I'm still on the lookout for other movies to watch--be it old or new. Any recommendations?


Sometimes, the people who tell you that they can't trust other people often end up being the ones you can't trust. This happened and really, I didn't see it coming. The friend and I had rocky patches, but what this person did--I can't say anything more without going into the details. It still hurts, but there's a lesson learned: you may have your so-called friends, but you can't trust everyone. And conclusion? Don't expect them to cover for you because they tattle behind your back.

It's not often that I post something like this. Because seriously, one does not shaft his friends. Ideally, one shouldn't.

Here Comes The Bride

As someone who has different groups of friends in law school, I was able to experience the best of many worlds (haha). But I do love each and everyone of my friends, and in a way, they are my family.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

035. My thoughts after watching the film version of Alan Bennett's The History Boys

Image credits here

The History Boys

Cast: Dominic Cooper, Samuel Barnett, Stephen Campbell Moore, James Corden, Jamie Parker, Russell Tovey, Richard Griffiths, Sacha Dhawan, Frances de la Tour, Clive Merrison, Samuel Anderson, Andrew Knott, Georgia Taylor

While recovering from the unholy alliance of flu and asthma, I was looking for something that could help me pass the time. And as I was looking for updates on my favourite actor, I looked again at his previous work, which included this movie--which led me to wonder why I haven't watched it (with avid interest) before! So, I did and it was two hours well-spent!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

034. A month in review || July

It is with mixed feelings that I am writing this entry, but it has been more good than bad. And it's been a busy month too! To be honest, I'm glad that July was a busy month for me--I wasn't entirely the happiest person--it seems that you can't be immune to another heartbreak even when when you tell yourself you're used it! Anyway, moving on. And speaking of moving on, I've been to the National Science and Technology Week--it's a very much-awaited event for us in the office, and I do share the same feeling of excitement! I was there during the first and second day, and like the past year, I've taken a lot of photographs--although not as many as last year's!

One of my many stops was the booth of the Philippine Textile Research Institute, which is a sister agency (my office's mother agency is the Department of Science and Technology), and the woman who made a weaving demo fascinated me.

All of the threads used in the loom are natural--and the colours of the thread are of natural dyes! I've made the discovery that the cloth used in making our office uniform is made by PTRI--or that they had something to do with it. 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

033. Just read: Brave Faces|| Mary Arden

Image credits here.
Brave Faces
Mary Arden, 2015
Troubadour Publishing  

I came across this book in Netgalley--while looking for a good new read. 

As a little girl, I've heard bits and pieces of my father's stories growing up during the Second World War. It was atrocious at most, and I don't blame him for not telling us much about it. I was very interested in how people lived during that time--and I thought that reading this book was very much an eye opener.

While looking up stuff about this book, I read an article from the Salisbury Journal  about the author. I knew that the book was written under a pen name, and I was eager to know more about her.

Eve Warton writing as Mary Arden, with her published book. (Image source here)


Saturday, 18 July 2015

032. Where's the light I used to know?

A month ago, I saw this on my Facebook news feed. If I'm not greatly mistaken, this was posted by Nylon. The dance routine took my breath away! There was grace, strength, and fluidity in the dance routine that I kept repeating the whole video!

Philip Chbeeb and Renee Kester are the dancers in this beautiful dance routine.

Music is "Slip", by Elliot Moss.

031.Reasons why I love Downton Abbey

Ever since my older sister told me about this period drama, I was intrigued. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch all the episodes on TV as I wasn't able to catch it! However,  when she visited home, she brought with her the DVD sets of Seasons 1 and 2 (Later on,  through my older sister, we acquired a boxed set of all four series)! 

Downton Abbey, as some of you may already know, is a drama set in the fictionalized village of Downton in Yorkshire, England. It chronicles the lives of the inhabitants of the estate with the same name. But for the benefit of those who don't (which is nearly impossible, but anyway), here's a few details that may help.

Friday, 10 July 2015

030. I know you read the paper - the one that they call a queen

More than month ago, my friend Lorie messaged me if I wanted to review a book, to which I said yes. It was the book of her friend, which sadly isn't published--I wish it would!

Hustle. The word says a lot. It means energetic activity; drive. It also means "to work hard aggressively". It sadly has negative connotations, as negative as the word work. And why is that such a dirty word? Work isn't bad. It really isn't.

Here are a few things that I learned from the book:

1. Work isn't bad. And boy, we're made to work.

2. Passion, passion. This is the main ingredient!

3. It's not always about myself. There should be a valuable contribution to society.

I could tell you more, but it's better if you could read the book yourself. Best of all, you can get it for FREE! Can't it be any more wonderful? 

Free download available here!
And it comes with a workbook! Cool!

Image comes from a screenshot of Mr. Mabilog's blog.

029. Tell me how not to give...

..a shit about someone.

I met this person, and there was chemistry. At least I thought there was. So what's a girl to do when it isn't there anymore?

Sunday, 21 June 2015

028. SOS please, someone help me!

Hi, everyone!

Have recently migrated my blog entries to blogspot, but the thing is, I have forgotten to back up my links list! If any one of you visits my blog on a regular basis, please leave a comment below, preferably with your URL!

I would appreciate it very much!

Thank you in advance!

Image credits here.

Friday, 8 May 2015

027. Watching: The Royals (2015)

I said I wouldn't do it again, but I lied.

It happened before with Gossip Girl--so I guess it's going to happen again. :p

A TV series was recommended to me by a friend, and she was waxing about it--pretty much raving, actually. She was talking about The Royals, a TV series about the British royal family--no, NOT the royal family we know, but a different one. It premiered on E just recently. The cast includes William Moseley from the Narnia movies, Elizabeth Hurley, and newcomers (well, at least, to me) like Alexandra Park and Merritt Patterson.

Liz Hurley plays Queen Helena of England--in my opinion, she's a nasty piece of work. Her husband, King Simon (played by Vincent Regan) is the kind of King you would empathise--no, feel terrible for. His son, Prince Liam (wonderfully portrayed by William Moseley) was a partying playboy until his older brother Prince Robert was killed in an accident. Alexandra Park plays Princess Eleanor, Prince Liam's twin--and boy, she loves to party too. And she loves to do it hard. Oh, and Her Royal Highness does drugs too. Fine and dandy! No wonder King Simon isn't optimistic about the future of the monarchy. I wouldn't blame him. Add the fact that his wife and brother Cyrus, the Duke of York (played by Jake Maskall) are very much instrumental to the potential destruction of the monarchy--makes you wonder what they'll do next.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

026. Watching: Dangerous Liaisons (2012)

One of my good friends remembered my penchant for watching period movies. She recommended a movie for me to watch. Hence, the Chinese take on Dangerous Liaisons. This movie was shown in 2012 (how could I have not come across this years ago?), starring Zhang Ziyi, Chang Dong-gun, and Cecilia Cheung.

The movie, set in 1930s China opens with a girl visiting Xie Yifan (Dong-gun), filthy-rich businessman and serial womaniser. The girl finds another woman in Yifan's bed, causing a scene. That same day, he sees a woman, whom he tries to make some lecherous advances, not knowing it was his widowed second cousin--if it weren't for his grandmother's announcement.

Another scene introduces another character--the beautiful entrepreneur and bank chairwoman Mo Jieyu (Cheung), who, in the middle of an interview and photo-shoot finds out that she was being dumped by a tycoon--who was now engaged to a sixteen year-old schoolgirl named Beibei, who she meets later in a charity party for refugees. Ironically, Mo becomes Beibei's godmother, offering to be the schoolgirl's mentor. Poor Beibei is the unwitting target of Mo's vengeful plan--she makes a wager with Yifan (who is her old friend) to take Bei's virginity. Yifan declines, as he thinks that it was too easy, and moreover, he has found another target--his quiet, virtuous ,gentle, beautiful second cousin Du Fenyu, played by Zhang Ziyi. If Yifan wins, Mo would finally sleep with Yifan. If he loses, he will sign off a valuable parcel of land to her. Yifan accepts the challenge, but finds it difficult--Fenyu being immune to his charms.  

025. So put your faith in a late night show.

Welcoming the fifth month of the year is an easy thing for me. I don't know why, but it is. I've a few things lined up for this month--and one of them would be my monthly high school batch reunion. It's definitely something to look forward to. And also reviewing for the civil service exams for the professional level is on the cards. For people from other countries (mainly Europe or US)--happy May day! Enjoy your Maypole dance (that is, if you guys still do that)!

Here in the Philippines, it's Labour Day. The day where groups do their rallies and pickets. I am now ambivalent about what they're holding their rallies for--so less talk, less mistake. I spent the holiday at home resting. We had an office event yesterday, and it was great fun--sadly, it had gone undocumented, except for a dance number. I do hope that there would be another reunion! It was great seeing those people who I knew while growing up (my parents also worked in the office where I am employed now). 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

024. I'm no better, can't wait to tell ya. I got it on camera.

While I've got my share of selfies on my phone camera, only a few made it to my Instagram profile. (I might lose followers, haha) Kidding aside, I've always been critical of people posting one selfie too many, and we can't have hypocrisy, can't we? However, I've tried to see what would happen if I posted my #fotd (aka Face of the Day). So far, I've got a few likes. We're going somewhere, yay! Haha. But my look everyday is pretty much the same. Yes, pretty much. I don't wear makeup that often, since it makes my face itch. But lately, it has become accustomed to being made up so I can last the day without having the urge to wipe it off using wet wipes. Anyway, this is my office/church look, and it's pretty easy to pull off! If I can do it, so can you!

I love how the rosy glow spreads on her cheeks! I've done this a few times, but I was so afraid of looking overdone.[/caption]
If you remember this post, then you can also safely say that I did more research! It wasn't only because of my love for the show that made me look up their beauty secrets, but because I also admire how natural the make-up looked. One of their make up artists said that she looked at the works of painters John Singer Sargeant and Philip de Laszlo. Since this little cat got curious, she took a look. And she didn't get killed, but rather learned something. The subjects, the women in particular--have this rosy glow that I wanted to imitate.

Then I looked at this blog's Pinterest board and I've got a treasure trove of looks! They nearly look all alike, but if you look closely, there are some differences. The popular look of the Edwardian times was the Gibson Girl look--she was their epitome of a modern woman. Suffice to say, this became my beauty inspiration. And why not? Not only does it look natural, a few basic items in my make-up bag (and dressing table) could make it possible.

I'm only sorry that I wasn't able to post pictures of me doing the actual process of putting on make-up. But if you would like me to, please let me know! I can only warn you that it might not be as good, but I'll try!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

023. Currently reading || The Last Summer--Judith Kinghorn

Large country estates, lavish parties. Elegant young ladies in the most fashionable frocks. Dashing men in their attire--be it in sporting or evening white tie. That was the world Clarissa Granville had known all her life. Young, beautiful and rich, she was to conquer the world--or at least the world that the upper echelons of society of Britain only knew.

Until that fateful day of August 4, 1914, when Britain declared war against Germany.

They were at the throes of a lovely house party when the news was announced. Days prior to that, she made a new friend in Tom Cuthbert, the son of the housekeeper at Deyning Park, the Granville's home. The friendship made an impact on her--and it is safe to say that she was attracted to him as well. However, one thing stood in their way--class disparities. Clarissa was a daughter of a man of means. And Tom was stations below her. But he was ambitious and wants a career in law.

Faster than anyone can blink an eye, the world around Clarissa changes. Her brothers go off to fight, as well as her friends--Tom Cuthbert included. But by that time, Tom and Clarissa were very much drawn to each other, like moths to a flame.

I don't want to tell you more without spoiling everything for you! Apart from missed chances, misunderstandings and an illegitimate daughter born during the war, that is. Admittedly, parts of the story seemed to drag, and sometimes, I felt that Clarissa wasn't doing enough, wasn't saying enough to be with Tom. There were many times I wanted to pull my hair out because of Clarissa's mother. Since I only have an ebook version, I couldn't very well throw my phone out due to sheer frustration! And sometimes Tom could be such an arse. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

022. When push comes to shove.

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to Filipino movies.

But--there's a big but--whenever I get to watch one, there are memorable quotes that could make even the most blah of movies still get my good rating. Another thing I'm going to confess is that I haven't been inside a cinema for ages. No, I'm not kidding! The last movie I've seen was No Reservations, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart--and that was almost eight years ago. And the movie isn't even local! Hopefully I could still catch the movie that's currently making waves--That Thing Called Tadhana, starring Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman.

Sometimes, when I catch the bus on my way home from school, I get to watch a movie. Sometimes, it's those B-movies or Tagalog movies. And I realised that I was wrong about them being of poor quality--ang judgmental ko talaga. Haha. Some movies, especially those from the last two years have really good storylines, and none of them were being poached from a foreign movie or soap opera.

Speaking of memorable quotes, may I present the following images of actors who delivered their famous quotes--from movies ranging from the most classic to the most recent. I would like to acknowledge Mr. Fhejhe as the source of these pictures. To make it fun, see if you can recognise the movies from which the quotes came! Let me know from your comments. Have fun! :)


Saturday, 7 February 2015

021. Walking on sunshine.

Because I had to catch my boss and a section head before they leave for the annual planning workshop to get their signatures on a document, I had to prepare breakfast that I can easily take with me--and also one that can be easily consumed! To quote one popular principle in my law books, "time is of the essence." I read about this recipe online months ago and I was longing to try it.

Sadly, I didn't get to save the link so the ingredients and the procedure was lost into thin air, as far I'm concerned. Haha. I only found it again two days after I've made them! So this is my version.

I almost failed to document this foodie moment, but in the nick of time, I remembered to take a picture, so yay! Here's a picture of the little delight!


Thursday, 5 February 2015

020. Sour bubbles.

Here's one word to describe my stomach: bloated.
Cue in weight gain, increased fat mass. And frequent instances of burping. And sometimes, I can taste a bit of sourness at the pit of my stomach (probably does not make sense).

The burning questions that come up in my worried mind: Did I consume too much lemon? Too much sour cream? Too much tea? Too much work tension for the past few days?

What do you I advise that I do or eat? Or what should I avoid eating or doing?

Monday, 2 February 2015

019. So who do you think you are?

The race is on to get out of the bottom
The top is high so your roots are forgotten
Giving is good as long as you're getting
What's driving you it's ambition and betting

Spice Girls, "Who Do You Think You Are?"
If you're from the Philippines and have a Facebook account, you may have read this article. For a time, this was shared by 75% of the people in my friends' list. Admittedly, I found this article funny at the outset. After some time, I've read the article again, and I began to see it in another light.

Seriously, I'm going to ask you this question: What is a social climber?  No, really.

I've heard this term more than once, and obviously, in an unflattering light. Having gone through some dictionaries online (excluding The Urban Dictionary), a social climber is defined as "one who strives acceptance in fashionable society"--a definition culled from the American Heritage Dictionary. Another definition, gleaned from the Collins' English Dictionary (from a sociological standpoint), is "a person who seeks advancement to a higher social class, esp by obsequious behaviour."

Sunday, 1 February 2015

018. Somewhere over the rainbow.

I'm officially in love with this store.

Where else can you find one that sells a mishmash of things from earrings to lamps in colours of the rainbow? You can find one in here. (Sadly they have neither website or Facebook page yet)

017. Don't say slow.

That's how my brain is operating today.

Yesterday (in the wee hours of the morning, rather) saw me in a flu-ey mess after baking cake and er, what  resembles a batch of scones. I started out fine Friday night--no, actually I was already coughing. I was in another state of being after the baking. Hours later, I was sneezing, I have a slight fever, my cough worsened, my body ached. On and on, Jennifer Aniston. Okay, I kid. I've tried almost every remedy--from hot tea, Bioflu, my asthma meds (because for me, flu always progresses into asthma), to more hot tea, and finally to that gooey Chinese wonder concoction called Pei Pa Koa.

So what happened to the baked goods? Served to satisfied relatives later in the afternoon. Sadly, they have gone undocumented again. It was totally worth staying up nearly the whole night.

But during the day, while I was napping, my body ached. Everywhere. I ended up sleeping on my stomach. It disappeared when I got up to serve the baked goods. It went back when I went to bed to sleep. Fever gone, cough not nearly as hacking and nose was now longer runny. I'm feeling better.

Now I need a massage.


Monday, 5 January 2015

016. Sweet feline.

Perhaps you all know by now--I like cats. It's not that big a secret, isn't it?

My older brother adopted this adorable little feline over there. He said that when he took it home from the streets, it was such a scrawny, frightened little thing. Now, look at her. Whenever she wants to be fed, she mewls adorably, and you'll find her going around your leg, her tail flicking at your knees. And when she eats, she's just as cute. Obsessed? I probably am. Hahaha.

A few days ago--well, during New Years' Eve, I went out to close the windows in my bedroom. To explain, it's not easy to close them from inside, because they're opened wide. Hence, I had to go out. My bedroom windows are not that near, and since I forgot to turn on the corner light outside our house, I had to tread carefully.

To my surprise, our little cat was there outside, and she accompanied me until I was able to close my windows, and only left me when we were reaching the porch. I suppose she didn't want me to walk in the dark alone. Awww!

I knew she deserved a bit of a midnight snack. And I gave her her reward. Ssssh.


015. Currently reading: The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes

Ever since I saw this book in an ebook shop online, I knew I wanted to have the book.The story is set in two timelines, in German-occupied France during the First World War (actually the main reason why I wanted to read it), and in modern-day London.

Sophie Lefevre lives in an inn during the First World War. Together with her sister Helene, they struggle to make ends meet. Food was rationed, the Germans were ruthless and imposed curfews. With both of their husbands in the war, the young women, together with their younger brother and children, are always gripped by fear.

Married to a painter, Sophie Lefevre has been given a valuable gift, a portrait of herself, painted by her husband, Edouard. However, when the Germans requisition the inn Sophie and Helene currentlly run, the commandant's eye was caught by the painting, and is captivated by Sophie as well. With her husband missing, and with the German officer's growing obsession over her deepens, Sophie knows that risks would have to be taken to be able to see her husband again.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

14. Aruba, Jamaica, ooo I wanna take ya...

There's nothing like the perfect music to motivate you into getting out of bed--whether it's to go to work or to school.

A confession: I've always treasured my iTunes player, but for some reason I've never made playlists on it. So I tend to keep whole albums of music in my phone, eating up the memory, making me deal with songs that aren't necessarily my favourites. Having bought an iPod shuffle (second-hand) from an officemate, I thought that I should sort of synchronize the songs in my phone and iPod shuffle, which contains only a certain amount of memory.

The memory space-saving solution? Playlists. That way, I wouldn't have to deal with the problem I have stated in the previous paragraph. I've made two lists, which depended on the mood I am in. Since we are on the subject of pick-me-uppers, here's a list of songs that are included in my Feel Good Favorites playlist (I intend to make the same in Spotify one of these days).


Friday, 2 January 2015

013. Come January, we're frozen inside, making new resolutions a hundred times.

2014 was a rollercoaster year in more ways than one. At the risk of sounding like a cliché, everything seemed to go out of place, and my year lost structure. Not only because of this costly experiment, but I have allowed myself to be--in our native language, pabaya.  Probably because I was on the point of being drained--physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I will leave it at that.

I also let myself turn into a little brat. Okay, given my body build, big brat.  End result, I was someone nobody would want to be with, I wouldn't even want to be with myself, period.

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