Monday, 5 January 2015

016. Sweet feline.

Perhaps you all know by now--I like cats. It's not that big a secret, isn't it?

My older brother adopted this adorable little feline over there. He said that when he took it home from the streets, it was such a scrawny, frightened little thing. Now, look at her. Whenever she wants to be fed, she mewls adorably, and you'll find her going around your leg, her tail flicking at your knees. And when she eats, she's just as cute. Obsessed? I probably am. Hahaha.

A few days ago--well, during New Years' Eve, I went out to close the windows in my bedroom. To explain, it's not easy to close them from inside, because they're opened wide. Hence, I had to go out. My bedroom windows are not that near, and since I forgot to turn on the corner light outside our house, I had to tread carefully.

To my surprise, our little cat was there outside, and she accompanied me until I was able to close my windows, and only left me when we were reaching the porch. I suppose she didn't want me to walk in the dark alone. Awww!

I knew she deserved a bit of a midnight snack. And I gave her her reward. Ssssh.


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