Sunday, 1 February 2015

017. Don't say slow.

That's how my brain is operating today.

Yesterday (in the wee hours of the morning, rather) saw me in a flu-ey mess after baking cake and er, what  resembles a batch of scones. I started out fine Friday night--no, actually I was already coughing. I was in another state of being after the baking. Hours later, I was sneezing, I have a slight fever, my cough worsened, my body ached. On and on, Jennifer Aniston. Okay, I kid. I've tried almost every remedy--from hot tea, Bioflu, my asthma meds (because for me, flu always progresses into asthma), to more hot tea, and finally to that gooey Chinese wonder concoction called Pei Pa Koa.

So what happened to the baked goods? Served to satisfied relatives later in the afternoon. Sadly, they have gone undocumented again. It was totally worth staying up nearly the whole night.

But during the day, while I was napping, my body ached. Everywhere. I ended up sleeping on my stomach. It disappeared when I got up to serve the baked goods. It went back when I went to bed to sleep. Fever gone, cough not nearly as hacking and nose was now longer runny. I'm feeling better.

Now I need a massage.


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