Sunday, 1 February 2015

018. Somewhere over the rainbow.

I'm officially in love with this store.

Where else can you find one that sells a mishmash of things from earrings to lamps in colours of the rainbow? You can find one in here. (Sadly they have neither website or Facebook page yet)

The backgrounder: 

One Saturday, I ventured into Trinoma to canvass for the price of electric stand mixers. And to check if my new favourite perfume is now in stock--even if it is just in the roll-on bottle form. Sadly, there was neither, and so, on to my search for the electric stand mixer. On my way to the two appliance stores I've seen so far in the mall, I spied this while walking on the third floor.

In Tagalog, nalula ako. But mind, it was a good lula. Looking at the picture, I'm sure by now you know why! Everything from accessories to storage boxes--it's all there. I've had my eye on the blue (bulb-less) lamp that's less than two hundred pesos--crossing my fingers it's still there--or that they have one in their Fairview Terraces branch. Here's also hoping they still have the two yellow airplanes!


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