Thursday, 5 February 2015

020. Sour bubbles.

Here's one word to describe my stomach: bloated.
Cue in weight gain, increased fat mass. And frequent instances of burping. And sometimes, I can taste a bit of sourness at the pit of my stomach (probably does not make sense).

The burning questions that come up in my worried mind: Did I consume too much lemon? Too much sour cream? Too much tea? Too much work tension for the past few days?

What do you I advise that I do or eat? Or what should I avoid eating or doing?


  1. Tea, probably. I drink a lot of it, n if I happen to eat a lot of sweet things, I get bloated. It's unpleasant. And nobody told me that happens when you're older! !!

  2. Thank you! It helped. Sorry for replying late. Yes, I agree--it kind of sneaks up on you.


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