Wednesday, 15 April 2015

024. I'm no better, can't wait to tell ya. I got it on camera.

While I've got my share of selfies on my phone camera, only a few made it to my Instagram profile. (I might lose followers, haha) Kidding aside, I've always been critical of people posting one selfie too many, and we can't have hypocrisy, can't we? However, I've tried to see what would happen if I posted my #fotd (aka Face of the Day). So far, I've got a few likes. We're going somewhere, yay! Haha. But my look everyday is pretty much the same. Yes, pretty much. I don't wear makeup that often, since it makes my face itch. But lately, it has become accustomed to being made up so I can last the day without having the urge to wipe it off using wet wipes. Anyway, this is my office/church look, and it's pretty easy to pull off! If I can do it, so can you!

I love how the rosy glow spreads on her cheeks! I've done this a few times, but I was so afraid of looking overdone.[/caption]
If you remember this post, then you can also safely say that I did more research! It wasn't only because of my love for the show that made me look up their beauty secrets, but because I also admire how natural the make-up looked. One of their make up artists said that she looked at the works of painters John Singer Sargeant and Philip de Laszlo. Since this little cat got curious, she took a look. And she didn't get killed, but rather learned something. The subjects, the women in particular--have this rosy glow that I wanted to imitate.

Then I looked at this blog's Pinterest board and I've got a treasure trove of looks! They nearly look all alike, but if you look closely, there are some differences. The popular look of the Edwardian times was the Gibson Girl look--she was their epitome of a modern woman. Suffice to say, this became my beauty inspiration. And why not? Not only does it look natural, a few basic items in my make-up bag (and dressing table) could make it possible.

I'm only sorry that I wasn't able to post pictures of me doing the actual process of putting on make-up. But if you would like me to, please let me know! I can only warn you that it might not be as good, but I'll try!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

023. Currently reading || The Last Summer--Judith Kinghorn

Large country estates, lavish parties. Elegant young ladies in the most fashionable frocks. Dashing men in their attire--be it in sporting or evening white tie. That was the world Clarissa Granville had known all her life. Young, beautiful and rich, she was to conquer the world--or at least the world that the upper echelons of society of Britain only knew.

Until that fateful day of August 4, 1914, when Britain declared war against Germany.

They were at the throes of a lovely house party when the news was announced. Days prior to that, she made a new friend in Tom Cuthbert, the son of the housekeeper at Deyning Park, the Granville's home. The friendship made an impact on her--and it is safe to say that she was attracted to him as well. However, one thing stood in their way--class disparities. Clarissa was a daughter of a man of means. And Tom was stations below her. But he was ambitious and wants a career in law.

Faster than anyone can blink an eye, the world around Clarissa changes. Her brothers go off to fight, as well as her friends--Tom Cuthbert included. But by that time, Tom and Clarissa were very much drawn to each other, like moths to a flame.

I don't want to tell you more without spoiling everything for you! Apart from missed chances, misunderstandings and an illegitimate daughter born during the war, that is. Admittedly, parts of the story seemed to drag, and sometimes, I felt that Clarissa wasn't doing enough, wasn't saying enough to be with Tom. There were many times I wanted to pull my hair out because of Clarissa's mother. Since I only have an ebook version, I couldn't very well throw my phone out due to sheer frustration! And sometimes Tom could be such an arse. 
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