Friday, 8 May 2015

027. Watching: The Royals (2015)

I said I wouldn't do it again, but I lied.

It happened before with Gossip Girl--so I guess it's going to happen again. :p

A TV series was recommended to me by a friend, and she was waxing about it--pretty much raving, actually. She was talking about The Royals, a TV series about the British royal family--no, NOT the royal family we know, but a different one. It premiered on E just recently. The cast includes William Moseley from the Narnia movies, Elizabeth Hurley, and newcomers (well, at least, to me) like Alexandra Park and Merritt Patterson.

Liz Hurley plays Queen Helena of England--in my opinion, she's a nasty piece of work. Her husband, King Simon (played by Vincent Regan) is the kind of King you would empathise--no, feel terrible for. His son, Prince Liam (wonderfully portrayed by William Moseley) was a partying playboy until his older brother Prince Robert was killed in an accident. Alexandra Park plays Princess Eleanor, Prince Liam's twin--and boy, she loves to party too. And she loves to do it hard. Oh, and Her Royal Highness does drugs too. Fine and dandy! No wonder King Simon isn't optimistic about the future of the monarchy. I wouldn't blame him. Add the fact that his wife and brother Cyrus, the Duke of York (played by Jake Maskall) are very much instrumental to the potential destruction of the monarchy--makes you wonder what they'll do next.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

026. Watching: Dangerous Liaisons (2012)

One of my good friends remembered my penchant for watching period movies. She recommended a movie for me to watch. Hence, the Chinese take on Dangerous Liaisons. This movie was shown in 2012 (how could I have not come across this years ago?), starring Zhang Ziyi, Chang Dong-gun, and Cecilia Cheung.

The movie, set in 1930s China opens with a girl visiting Xie Yifan (Dong-gun), filthy-rich businessman and serial womaniser. The girl finds another woman in Yifan's bed, causing a scene. That same day, he sees a woman, whom he tries to make some lecherous advances, not knowing it was his widowed second cousin--if it weren't for his grandmother's announcement.

Another scene introduces another character--the beautiful entrepreneur and bank chairwoman Mo Jieyu (Cheung), who, in the middle of an interview and photo-shoot finds out that she was being dumped by a tycoon--who was now engaged to a sixteen year-old schoolgirl named Beibei, who she meets later in a charity party for refugees. Ironically, Mo becomes Beibei's godmother, offering to be the schoolgirl's mentor. Poor Beibei is the unwitting target of Mo's vengeful plan--she makes a wager with Yifan (who is her old friend) to take Bei's virginity. Yifan declines, as he thinks that it was too easy, and moreover, he has found another target--his quiet, virtuous ,gentle, beautiful second cousin Du Fenyu, played by Zhang Ziyi. If Yifan wins, Mo would finally sleep with Yifan. If he loses, he will sign off a valuable parcel of land to her. Yifan accepts the challenge, but finds it difficult--Fenyu being immune to his charms.  

025. So put your faith in a late night show.

Welcoming the fifth month of the year is an easy thing for me. I don't know why, but it is. I've a few things lined up for this month--and one of them would be my monthly high school batch reunion. It's definitely something to look forward to. And also reviewing for the civil service exams for the professional level is on the cards. For people from other countries (mainly Europe or US)--happy May day! Enjoy your Maypole dance (that is, if you guys still do that)!

Here in the Philippines, it's Labour Day. The day where groups do their rallies and pickets. I am now ambivalent about what they're holding their rallies for--so less talk, less mistake. I spent the holiday at home resting. We had an office event yesterday, and it was great fun--sadly, it had gone undocumented, except for a dance number. I do hope that there would be another reunion! It was great seeing those people who I knew while growing up (my parents also worked in the office where I am employed now). 
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