Friday, 8 May 2015

027. Watching: The Royals (2015)

I said I wouldn't do it again, but I lied.

It happened before with Gossip Girl--so I guess it's going to happen again. :p

A TV series was recommended to me by a friend, and she was waxing about it--pretty much raving, actually. She was talking about The Royals, a TV series about the British royal family--no, NOT the royal family we know, but a different one. It premiered on E just recently. The cast includes William Moseley from the Narnia movies, Elizabeth Hurley, and newcomers (well, at least, to me) like Alexandra Park and Merritt Patterson.

Liz Hurley plays Queen Helena of England--in my opinion, she's a nasty piece of work. Her husband, King Simon (played by Vincent Regan) is the kind of King you would empathise--no, feel terrible for. His son, Prince Liam (wonderfully portrayed by William Moseley) was a partying playboy until his older brother Prince Robert was killed in an accident. Alexandra Park plays Princess Eleanor, Prince Liam's twin--and boy, she loves to party too. And she loves to do it hard. Oh, and Her Royal Highness does drugs too. Fine and dandy! No wonder King Simon isn't optimistic about the future of the monarchy. I wouldn't blame him. Add the fact that his wife and brother Cyrus, the Duke of York (played by Jake Maskall) are very much instrumental to the potential destruction of the monarchy--makes you wonder what they'll do next.

And there's the girl-next-door (like, almost literally) Ophelia Pryce, the daughter of the royal head of security. Liam's got his eye on her--thing is, his ex Gemma (played by Sophie Colquhoun), who, by the way, is a diamond heiress--stirs up trouble. (As much as I dislike her, I do like her line, "I can be you. But you can't be me." A comeback quip for haters is born!)

Eleanor (who is slowly becoming my favourite character in the show) isn't all sex, booze and drugs. She's got a heart, too! A former flame asks her to be the quiet, kind and gentle girl he knew--because he knows that she exists. And there's her bodyguard Jasper Frost, portrayed by Tom Austen who is pretty much delightful looking. There is tension, and yes, the love-hate vibe going on between them--believe it or not, it had me hanging at the edge of my seat (she actually bails Jasper out from jail because she needed his help about the death of Prince Robert). My favourite episodes where her character shone was the fourth (weirdly) and the eighth. 

After reading stuff about The Royals, I was prepared to hate it. But I couldn't. Like with Gossip Girl, I was hooked. It wasn't just the clothes--or the location. It was also about the lines. I found a scene where this was pretty much evident. Thank you, Enstarz!

Queen Helena: My God, you wretched brats! Your brother, my first born son, and you can't find the decorum, the civility, to honor his memory. What is wrong with you?

Princess Eleanor: Is that scripted too?

Queen Helena: I scropt you because we can't trust either of you to come up with a reasonable coherent thought.

(Note: As I've read from the linked source, Prince Liam speaks up after the verbal sparring between Queen and Princess got nasty, and after she insists that she is inconsolable after her eldest son's death)

Liam: Really? Because our dad is out there genuinely grieving over the death of his son, while you're in here, worrying about the family's image and topping off on the botox!

(This gets him a slap in the face)

So far, I've found only one con: Dark eye shadow makes Princess Eleanor a younger Morticia Addams.

Image source: Here, and here. (First image is a screencap)

For the girls, if you want your mother to watch it too--tell her Joan Collins is there--a pretty good bait, especially if she's watched Dynasty, since Joan Collins play Grand Duchess of Oxford, Queen Helena's mother.


  1. British Tv? How the heck do you get Brit Tv? Torrents? I can't even find BBC America on my cable and I only watch Doctor Who.

  2. Yep. But a friend supplies me, haha. I've yet to watch Dr. Who! I'm in love with Downton Abbey, though.

    However, this isn't exactly British per se. It may surprise you, but this an American production. ;)

  3. Oh please watch DR WHO! I haven't caught up to all the eps of the current season yet but I'm loving the previous actors/Doctors! jammie dodgers ftw!


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