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033. Just read: Brave Faces|| Mary Arden

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Brave Faces
Mary Arden, 2015
Troubadour Publishing  

I came across this book in Netgalley--while looking for a good new read. 

As a little girl, I've heard bits and pieces of my father's stories growing up during the Second World War. It was atrocious at most, and I don't blame him for not telling us much about it. I was very interested in how people lived during that time--and I thought that reading this book was very much an eye opener.

While looking up stuff about this book, I read an article from the Salisbury Journal  about the author. I knew that the book was written under a pen name, and I was eager to know more about her.

Eve Warton writing as Mary Arden, with her published book. (Image source here)

Eve Warton wrote this book under the name of Mary Arden, and she was a very busy woman during the war. She was around fifteen or sixteen when war was declared, and the world was in upheaval. Born in a life of privilege, her mother expected her to attend finishing school so she could attend parties and meet the right people, but that wasn't in Eve--or Mary's list of priorities. Mary helped out in whatever way she could--working in the local YMCA to help people take care of wounded soldiers, or take care of friends' wounded cousins.

It was also easy to like Mary--she is friendly, caring, kind, sweet, energetic, and very reliable. She always wanted to help out--something that was evident throughout the whole story. And as a very pretty girl, Mary was never short of admirers--from the very sweet to the very, um, perverted. My heart bled for her when three of her sweethearts were killed in action--if I were in her shoes, I don't think I could bear it--but she did, and put on a brave face, in spite of grief, war, death and destruction that was going on in the world at that time.

Mary finally found love in Duncan Ogilvie, a kind, red-headed Scotsman who she met while at a musical evening--I won't tell you exactly how they met, but it was romantic, and it had me going "Awww!" They eventually get married and have a baby--but they experienced another hardship--Duncan was in a crash, and his leg had to be amputated. Still, Mary put on a brave face, and cared for her husband and daughter.

At the risk of spilling more, please do read Brave Faces--it's available for reading at NetGalley, just sign up and follow instructions if you're going to read this book via PC or laptop. Instructions are also provided if your are going to use your phone, iPad, or Kindle!

BTW: This isn't a sponsored post.

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