Sunday, 2 August 2015

034. A month in review || July

It is with mixed feelings that I am writing this entry, but it has been more good than bad. And it's been a busy month too! To be honest, I'm glad that July was a busy month for me--I wasn't entirely the happiest person--it seems that you can't be immune to another heartbreak even when when you tell yourself you're used it! Anyway, moving on. And speaking of moving on, I've been to the National Science and Technology Week--it's a very much-awaited event for us in the office, and I do share the same feeling of excitement! I was there during the first and second day, and like the past year, I've taken a lot of photographs--although not as many as last year's!

One of my many stops was the booth of the Philippine Textile Research Institute, which is a sister agency (my office's mother agency is the Department of Science and Technology), and the woman who made a weaving demo fascinated me.

All of the threads used in the loom are natural--and the colours of the thread are of natural dyes! I've made the discovery that the cloth used in making our office uniform is made by PTRI--or that they had something to do with it. 

Sleeping Beauty's father won't be so happy about this! Not all spinning wheels have been burnt!

I spied this little spinning wheel near the loom. And I thought spinning wheels no longer existed. Well, I was wrong! This is a modern spin (no pun intended) on the spinning wheel we were acquainted with in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty

Later that evening, I attended a Stakeholders' Night for the DOST agencies. There was a sort of talent presentation, and two of my dearest friends at work--Rina and Billy were one of six representatives for the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute in the Quezon City Cluster B. This is a picture of Billy and Rina--before Rina changed into her costume for the talent show. 

They performed highlights from the musical The Sound of Music--and they all looked cute! 

Earlier that afternoon, I went around and saw the British Council Booth and was curious about their exhibit. They had a question--what British innovation is being used today? So I answered medicines, with Alexander Fleming and penicillin in mind. I posted the answer using an apple shaped sticky note, on a huge picture of a tree. After that, I had a selfie with Sir Isaac Newton, and got myself a nifty button from the British Council. Yay!

I've got myself really useful information about scholarships--something to motivate me when I go back to law school next school year--and it will also motivate me to work hard so I can graduate. Who knows what would happen next? :) 

Attending the NSTW the second time in a row that I've become a regular employee is a part of my weird, self-imposed tradition. There's always something new to see and new to learn. Hopefully next year, I can attend again! 

Earlier that month, I went to our regular "date" with my high school friend Denise. It's something that I always look forward to. Also, Denise is only one who I can talk to about certain topics like life, politics, and literature without fear of being judged as weird. It's nice to have a friend who you can talk to on that level!

Image courtesy of Denise Gesilva

Our regular haunt is a restaurant called Amici, which, by the way, serves great pasta, pizza, and yummy gelato. Another thing I love about the restaurant is its interiors--it's cosy---perfect for a quiet lunch with friends or family. By the way, we do recommend Amici's Spinach and chorizo pizza! It's very, very filling. I promise to take a photo of the pizza next time!

After lunch, I accompanied Denise outside Starbucks to meet her boyfriend, who loves to feed the ducks and fish. It's actually a fun activity, and pretty much therapeutic, too! So Denise and I were given bread to feed the ducks and fish--although, the fish is actually the intended recipient. 

So ends this blog entry. I'm looking forward to this month's lunch "date"! How was your July, everyone? :)


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