Monday, 31 August 2015

036. A month in review || August

What better way to cap off a month than the last day? It's been a roller-coaster of a month, and that's pretty much an understatement. Words aren't enough, to tell the truth. 

Movie Potato

Was laid up by an unholy alliance of flu and asthma, and so, I stayed at home and watched movies--two, actually. I made a review of the other one, which is subject to revision, as I felt that I've not done it justice.

Image credit here.

The other movie, The Young Victoria (brilliantly, in my opinion, portrayed by Emily Blunt) shows what the life of Queen Victoria was, before she became queen. She really had a miserable life under the control of her mother, the Duchess of Kent (Miranda Richardson), and the completely odious John Conroy (Mark Strong). If it weren't for Prince Albert of Prince Saxe Gotha (Rupert Friend), I believe she would have reached the end of her tether. Throughout the movie, I really saw how he really cared for Victoria, and wanted her to do well, and at the same time, respected the fact that she was woman, wife, and Queen.

I'm still on the lookout for other movies to watch--be it old or new. Any recommendations?


Sometimes, the people who tell you that they can't trust other people often end up being the ones you can't trust. This happened and really, I didn't see it coming. The friend and I had rocky patches, but what this person did--I can't say anything more without going into the details. It still hurts, but there's a lesson learned: you may have your so-called friends, but you can't trust everyone. And conclusion? Don't expect them to cover for you because they tattle behind your back.

It's not often that I post something like this. Because seriously, one does not shaft his friends. Ideally, one shouldn't.

Here Comes The Bride

As someone who has different groups of friends in law school, I was able to experience the best of many worlds (haha). But I do love each and everyone of my friends, and in a way, they are my family.

The bride, and one of our common friends Izza.

One of my dearest friends, Giselle got married a few days ago. My friend Gertrude and I missed the wedding ceremony (damn you, MMDA). However, those who were able to attend said that although it was brief, it was beautiful, and the bride was glowing. And happy. For most of us in the law school crowd, it was a reunion of sorts.

Gert and I bonded in her car--through the traffic. (Sadly we didn't have our traffic selfie) While it wasn't much fun, we still managed to have a giggle while catching up. We haven't seen each other for over a year, and she's currently reviewing for the Bar exams.

The wedding was lovely, and we had a glorious time! Totally worth braving the traffic for!  Now looking forward to what September would bring!


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