Friday, 11 September 2015

037. The Random 10: Things that make my heart smile.

Starting today, I will make a list of ten random things that make (me) _______________.

Yes, I shall confess. As a little girl, I was often told off at school for being such a chatterbox. Maybe that's not such a surprise, given the length of the entries here in the blog, to the point that I'm verging towards incoherence. 

You know, it's often very hard for me to actually put my thoughts on paper, which is ironic, given that there are so many things that bubble up my mind. Probably because they go off my mind as quickly as they surface. However, don't let it confuse you and make you think that I'm scatterbrained. Because I know that I'm not. 

In order to make a more organised post, good habits need to be established! Hence, this new "feature" (hahaha) of my blog. Not only it would make the blog less cluttered content-wise, it would help me focus on the important stuff. So, I bring you the first of The Random 10 Series. This is inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Helga Weber

1. An opportunity for self improvement. Two years ago, I attended a training course at work, but chucked it after two days, as I felt in over my head, and my family was worried that well, I would make a bad record. As soon as I graduated from high school __ years ago, I promptly buried all thought of Chemistry and Physics six feet under, not knowing that I'll have need of it someday.

However, I told myself that I'll put on a game face, and I'll tackle it as well as I could. So, again, I am now taking the training course and freed myself of unrealistic expectations. While it would be nice to have good marks, at the end of the day, it's knowing that I would have learned something and hopefully, I would be able to contribute more.

2. Music that generates happy vibes. I have two sets of playlists--one that I keep in my phone so I can play on repeat, and in my iPod shuffle that I bought from a yard sale. Artists that are included in my playlist are: Pixie Lott, Hayley Westenra, Eric Clapton, Lily Allen, Keane--among many others. Music is my stress reliever--hopefully, I'll be able to compile the Top 10 Most Played Songs any time soon.

"Some people run on greed, lust, even love. She runs on indignation!" --Maggie Smith as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham in the hit TV series Downton Abbey 
Well, you can safely say I run on music. I do think that quote is pretty much spot on.

3. Comfort food. I love food. That's fairly obvious. You can only look at me, and make all sorts of conclusions. As long there's no eggplant and/or okra, we're good. My go-to comfort meals are the Special Chicken Chelo Kabab from Mister Kabab. Add extra butter, an extra order of grilled tomatoes and yoghurt shake, and it's heaven. As I got worried that the people in Mister Kabab think I eat there far too often, I tried Army Navy's Hungarian sausage meal, and I added this meal to my list of comfort foods, which includes churros from a restaurant called Dulcinea, chorizo and spinach pizza from Amici, and the aforementioned chelo kabab.

4. Did I make the most of loving you? This is the theme song from one of my favourite TV shows--well, actually, it's the only one I ever watch now. Actually, this is bittersweet. The sixth season of Downton Abbey is also its final, and I do think that anyone who also watches this show will reach for a box of tissues as they watch this trailer!

I'm totally rooting for Edith and Daisy this season!

5. Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered. For the past few weeks, I fell in love with a movie. That, by the way, doesn't happen very often, but my review proved it. I watch it again and again whenever I feel rotten about something, and I feel loads better!

6. This blog's new look.  I still have a lot to learn where blog designs and layouts are concerned. So for the meanwhile, with the help of Blogger, I was able to churn out a clean, eye-friendly look. I'm really proud of it, as it took me hours of trial and error, finding the right template to tinker, and the right layout to "play" with. This blogger was the inspiration for me to simplify my blog and to do away with the fancy bells and whistles.

7. Finally moving on.  Enough said.

8. My friends. Someone from work asked me if I can cope--how would I be able to study--do I have a love life (that may prove distracting)? I answered no. Well, romantically, I don't. But for me, my friends are a very integral part of my life--no bull. I love my friends, it's that simple. They are my love life.

9. Solving a (math) problem by myself.  In connection to #1., anyone who has known me for a long time will know of my fear of numbers, to the point that my brain simply refuses to function. Yes, it may sound like I'm totally crazy, but there you go. But I did it. I solved one by myself, and the next problems that I couldn't do on my own, I asked for help. While this may be such a trivial matter to some, it's a big deal to me. At that precise moment, I am on my way of overcoming my fear.

10. Finally being friends with myself. In the past, I've had a love-hate relationship with myself. Sounds odd, yeah, but I really didn't pretty much like myself. Like everyone else, I wished I was flawless, prettier, thinner--all to be liked. It didn't work, and took me more than ten years to really accept the package that is me--flawed but wonderful, at the same time. I have now more or less accepted that not everyone will like me, and that I shouldn't bend over backwards to please everybody. This year was about learning how to assert myself and not take shit lying down.

I do have a lot to learn, though.

Here's to more random 10 lists.



  1. 1. Congratulations on the new blog layout! :D
    2. I am happy that you're happy and I lit up when I saw that you were pursuing self-improvement, because, as you know, that's one of my passions, and I always love seeing friends pursue that. <3
    3. I listened to your new favorite song! It's beautiful! <3
    4. Solving a (math) problem by myself. >> Aha! So that's what you were doing the other night hahaha! :D Honestly, Algebra also became one of my weaknesses, and I actually can relate. xD Good for you, Te! :D I myself might start reading the textbooks I hoarded last year. xD
    5. Finally being friends with myself. >> THIS! I had to learn this in my 20's, too. :) It's nice to see another woman/lady/grrl learn that for herself as well. :)

    Love you, Ate Tal! :D

    Love letter to come tomorrow! <3

  2. Thank you--and love you too! It's a slow process, but I'm getting there.

    Hugs all around! <3


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