Tuesday, 13 October 2015

039. My Idea of a Perfect Lifestyle Blog + My Favourite Lifestyle Bloggers + (Plus a few pet peeves)

It's been twelve years since I started blogging, and haven't stopped since.

Writing is a joy, and because of that, I appreciate good writing styles of different writers, different people. I started blogging in 2003, mainly to vent about someone I couldn't have (haha). All that, has changed, however, when I started to really observe people, things, places, events, even food. The days of venting, ranting and raving now belong to the past. Mind, I still express my feelings--be it anger or joy, but as time passes I have taken the "mature and civilised" route.

Years passed, and my blogroll changed. I've recently acquired a liking for lifestyle blogs. Mind, I still check out my friends' blogs, But it is interesting to see what other people do in the other side of the world. Oh, and that includes how to have fun! The best thing about these lifestyle blogs is that the author or the curator knows how to engage their readers.

The only snag--sometimes, the things I see or read seem so unreachable or unattainable. In other words, I can only dream. Note, however, that I don't experience pangs of envy. In fact, I feel as if I've lived vicariously through them!

Here are a few of my favourite lifestyle bloggers:

1. The Londoner- Reading her blog is pretty much like coming over for a cup of coffee or tea, something good to eat, and for a chat! Two of my favourite posts from her blog would be her recipe for red velvet cookies, which I've tried with a few modifications. The other favourite post was her blow dry tutorial, which I've yet to try, as I don't always have plenty of time!\

I like the way Rosie writes her blog--she writes as if she's talking to her readers, which is basically the way it should be. Plus, she replies to the comments when she could--she's a busy lady (which you can see from her blog entries), which makes her all the more adorable!

Rosie's clothes are also awesome, absolute killers. If I had the same figure as her, I'd love to raid her closet!

2. The Girl Outdoors by Sian Lewis--ten years ago, we've been blog linkees of a sort, and I knew that with her writing, this girl will go places, and indeed she has. The Girl Outdoors is the perfect blog for people who love an adventure--camping, hiking, skiing--name it, she'll tell you all about it!

Sian is not just a blogger--she's also a journalist and has written articles for Cosmopolitan, The Lonely Planet, and The Guardian, to name a few. If you're the outdoors-y type, do visit her blog, and see how cool it is!

Sadly, I don't get to comment, but I read her entries avidly. One day, I promise myself, I'll go out and try something new.

3. QRated- This blog has a disclaimer at the bottom that says that it is not a lifestyle magazine--which actually is true. QRated is the product of three young professionals-a lawyer, a graphic artist and web designer, and a financial adviser. The blog is their personal space where they write about their experiences about food, entertainment, and such, and they aim to inspire people with their experiences.

4.Raspberry Kitsch--I will not be ashamed to admit it--Hannah from Newcastle's blog is actually the inspiration for this blog's new layout. Not only do I like the way she writes--like Rosie Londoner, she indirectly involves the reader in her adventures and experiences, which makes feel like I've gone to the places she's seen.

I fell for the layout at first sight. Very clean and simple, and no fussy bells and whistles, which inspired me to do with a simpler layout that's easy on the eye. Please do check her out--she's worth a read.

To tell the truth, I only have one requisite for the perfect lifestyle blog. It's not all about the clothes, the fancy restaurants, and really posh vacation venues--it's the way the writer draws in her audience, giving them a peek of his or her day to day life. Plus the commitment to make the blog grow--yes, blogs grow and evolve too--is a big responsibility.

All I am asking is that blogger/curator write from his personal viewpoint (backed of course, by the basic facts regarding the experience). There's nothing more annoying than reading a blog entry that looks like it has been copied and pasted from another source. Like a press release. I came across a few blogs like that that I've simply given up on them.

As for commenting, it would go a long way if the author replies (as long as it's possible for him/her to do so). Because for me, rapport is important, and warmth is key. One local lifestyle blog I visited practically had me hyperventilating--not only was the blog curator a cold fish, but was also condescending, that it was such a horror to go back there. Reading the curator's comments was enough to make my flesh crawl.

I hope that you enjoyed the post--please let me know who among the bloggers in the list have caught your fancy! Maybe we share the same favourite blogger! Always, I welcome your comments.

Till then! :)

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