Saturday, 31 October 2015

40. Change is coming.

Sorry, the grade is slightly blurry, but I'm really proud of the grade I received. I wasn't exactly expecting this. To be honest, I wanted to just pass the course, never mind getting a good grade.

So after almost a month of studying about the atom, the nucleus, ionising radiation, and the proper way of using a survey meter, normalcy has resumed, and I'm back to monitoring the flow of documents and making sure it gets to the right destination.

My desk at work, when there's not a lot of documents and communications to route out. Otherwise, it would be cluttered with papers. I sort the papers according to destination, as to save me a trip, since I route them to five different buildings!
But it's been a great four weeks. I was with eight other people from my office (we were supposed to be ten, but one opted to take the medical arm of the course, so that made us only nine). Except for one, I am on a hi-hello basis with most of them. The course brought us a little closer, if not tighter. I think my favourite part of the course the exercise on decontamination. You see, apart from the topics I mentioned in the above paragraph, we were also taught how to compute the internal dose (how much is ingested through inhalation, or eating), or the external dose--and heavens, so much more. I will always be grateful for the experience. Here are a few snaps. 
The day before my last exam--on the exam day itself, it made me wonder if I read the right handouts! The exam was like two World Wars combined.

I've a terrible head for figures. But with enough practice, I was able to muddle through! 

My birthday has come and gone, and sadly, no documentation has been made to mark the momentous occasion (haha). I received a book from my boss as a gift. It was really a lovely birthday, spent with my favourite people at work!

Now, on to other things. While on my time away from blogging--yes, sorry again! I had to think things over as to where this blog is headed. Because as far as I am concerned, it would either have to grow or close. I chose growth. Because I feel that I've invested enough time in this blog, despite the scant number of posts a month, and that blogging is my outlet--creative, or otherwise. So, in the following months, you will see gradual changes in the blog, such as the tags (God only knows how I would organise them), and the blog entry titles (say goodbye to the titles that are nabbed from lines of songs), and hopefully, the increase of blog entries per month, which means, I would have to make a schedule and stick to it! I know, quality, over quantity, but still, I would still like to write and share.

So yeah, watch this space. 


  1. ate layla! it's great to read that you're doing good. belated happy birthday by the way! and i hope you won't delete your blog. <3

    1. Hi, Patti!

      This blog is definitely staying! ♥ There would definitely be changes, and it's all a matter of when and how! Please keep coming! ♥

  2. Ate Tal!!! Eee!!!

    Congrats on the grade. :D I love that you posted it. :D I wouldn't tackle Chem formulas for the life of me unless necessary, but I think I'll just get me a tutor when it comes down to that. xD

    Congrats on the great and happy quarter and making it through with flying colors!!! Here's to Life! :D


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