Saturday, 2 January 2016

041. New food and TV discovery + episode frustration.

The days surely flew by quickly!

Now it's December, and I hear Christmas carols being sung--or played in nearly every public place I've been to recently. The air still hasn't gone cold yet, though, but I'm hoping that when it comes, it won't be too cold! Getting the sniffles in what supposedly is the merriest and most festive month in a year isn't exactly what I'm looking forward to.

December also means the end of Downton Abbey,  also known as the end of an era. Well, it does feel like it! Ever since my older sister told me about it, I've tried catching up with episodes, and managed to be up to date. I've been frustrated with one episode, since it means it has dashed the hopes of my new favourite character.

So I'm looking forward to the Christmas special, and hoping that aforesaid favourite character would find some resolution with her aborted romance with a land agent turned marquess. Oops, sorry, that's a spoiler! (Note: I've already watched it, and there's a happy ending in sight!)

With the end of a TV series, I've been scouring for new TV shows to watch. Through a movie, I discovered a new TV series! One of the actors in the movie Streetdance 3D, Richard Winsor, is in a TV series called Casualty. Personally, I think it's the British equivalent to America's ER, and has been around longer than the American hospital drama. The cast of Casualty also includes Amanda Mealing, Lee Mead, Charles Venn, George Rainsford, and Crystal Yu, among others.

Here's a trailer of one episode.

When While I was looking for baking supplies, I spied this little (well, not so little) burger kiosk. The burgers  are small, all right. But they're very filling! This is what I had that day--bacon and mushroom. The burger was juicy, and I must say I'll be buying again!

This is the menu, courtesy of Berrylicious's blog!

Oh, and happy new year!

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