Monday, 4 January 2016

043. The Random 10: Things I Have Learned, and Things I Will Do.

How are you all doing on Day 3? Hope everyone's doing fine.

2015 was a year of lessons for me. Admittedly, some were not accepted with grace, but eventually, I took it as a good learning experience. (Hopefully, that made sense!) 

This year is also about valuing other people, my work, the things I have, the things around me, and most importantly, myself--which means that my health, my finances, my spiritual and mental well being are included.

Here's a random list of what I've learned and what I aim to accomplish this year.

1. Taking care of yourself means valuing yourself, and then people will. This, I think, is pretty much self explanatory. And a logical cycle. I'm going to do this even more, starting on my finances, which leads to #2.

2. This year, I aim to be more financially responsible. Regrettably, I've wasted this year and the last one for being very irresponsible with my finances, but that will change. I will commit to having a weekly, monthly goal, then deposit whatever I've saved after a month or two weeks. I've prepared for this by getting a money box, and getting a notebook to track my expenses. In order to save, I will prepare lunch meals from home, which also means eating more healthily.

3. If someone has lied to you, you think twice if you should trust them again. This is very, very recent. I have an allergy towards lying. Anyone close to me knows that. However, I wanted to be with a certain person, and practically blinded toward my affections to him by failing to watch out. Later on, that person finally admitted the truth, and we parted ways after that. Blaming myself for what I've allowed to happen wouldn't do much good, but I'll be more alert the next time around, because this isn't going to happen again. Ever.

4. Learn how to drive. Saves me from competing with other people finagling a ride in public transport, plus I can go out with friends from work, especially on a dinner or coffee out without my parents worrying with whom I'll catch a ride home. More importantly, it'll be handy for emergencies--whether it's buying a liter of milk from the supermarket, or a trip to the doctor.

5. Really, really, really clean my room. Enough said, and perhaps even more. Especially since I'm preparing to go back to school, and disorganised surroundings maketh a distracted student.

6. Starting the day with God makes a productive day. This is both a lesson and a goal--I don't know why I've stopped, but sadly, I did. But this time, I've prepared myself by getting a devotional app, plus reading the Bible devotions that my mum sends through email. And setting a time for prayer, being thankful, and asking for guidance.

7. Speak slowly, no one is after you. I've always been told off for speaking too fast. It's still an uphill journey, but I'm trying! :)

8. Not everyone is going to love you the way you love them.  No explanations, illustrations needed.

9. Speak out when something is not right or when things are getting uncomfortable. About time to stop being everyone's doormat.

10. It's never too late to do something different. Whether it's travelling alone (included in this year's personal bucket list), or signing up for a calligraphy workshop, I'm all for it!

This list may possibly expand, but here's the first ones out. Till then! 

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