Sunday, 10 January 2016

044. Game Over

How is everyone? Doing fine, I hope. 

Remember this post a few days back? I still had ten stickers to go, but after the New Year, Starbucks' had a double sticker promo so I was able to catch up. And I did more than catch up. 

I got it! :) 

Yes, the green one! :)  The black notebook contained (sadly) discontinued notes for my Labour Relations class nearly two years ago now.

Getting the stickers was a different experience. To be honest, I was at one point chucking it all, but I decided to keep at it. I told myself that I will use this experience as an inspiration. That if I didn't give up in getting the stickers, I wouldn't give up in other things worth striving and persevering for--law school, my career, and everything else.

I wouldn't have this planner without the help of my friends at work! One of them knew I love Moleskine, so she encouraged me to get this planner. The other one gave me two extra stickers that surely helped a lot in speeding up things! I really thank them both!

My stomach, however, paid for it. I've forgotten how it reacts when I have consumed an excess amount of caffeine. So, for days, my stomach was in its absolute worst. While it has been a great experience getting the stickers, it's not something I'd do every year. 

And after this, I won't be drinking a single drop of coffee for the rest of the year, and inspire me to save up for a Moleskine planner that I've bought off store shelves! Looking back, I've calculated the cost, this planner, and the expense of getting this cost more than the ones bought in the bookstore. 

Next year, I know better! ;) But thank you Starbucks, for helping me unearth a blessing in disguise! :)


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