Thursday, 10 March 2016

049. Go-to morning songs,and why I love them.

It's been ages since I've made a post like this one--particularly because I've stopped listening to music through my phone for the past few months. Because of recent events, however, I needed something to help pick me up, and it made me wonder why I put it to a stop, apart from the fact that my old laptop went kaput. 

Music has been one of the things that helped make me feel less sleepy at work--many thanks to Spotify and iTunes! Seriously, there were days that I didn't want to get up for work, but music made a lot of difference.

Below are the songs that made its way to my phone...and my heart!

1. Breakfast in NYC, Oppenheimer- While sorting out files in my laptop, I came across this song--I was in the middle of skimming through an album labeled Gossip Girl Music. I really can't deny it--that TV series really had an awesome soundtrack! The opening notes alone can motivate one to wake up your eyes!

2. Young Folks, Peter, Bjorn John-Also from the Gossip Girl soundtrack album, this song is perfect while traveling to work--be it driving or commuting. Which reminds me, I SHOULD BE LEARNING HOW TO DRIVE. Haha. The artist's name also reminds me of peanut butter jelly sandwiches. (PBJ)

3. Love for Sale, Jamie Cullum- Having read the lyrics this song is basically about um, prostitution, but it doesn't stop me from listening from his rendition of one of Cole Porter's songs. The beat is very far from the original one, but it's what Jamie Cullum is good at--delightfully reinventing old standards.

4. Don't Stop the Music, Jamie Cullum--Yes, I know this is a Rihanna original, but Jamie made it his own! Perfect music to play in a party, and yes, I liked it more than the original. Sorry, Rihanna!

5. Suspect, Daniel Powter--Another one of those "music to drive to" songs--except that I don't drive--and I don't know how to! But it does have this really great vibe to it that my body moves along whenever I listen to it! At first, I thought he was singing it with Macy Gray, especially at the first part of the song! But I found that it's all Daniel Powter! :)

6. Stripper, Soho Dolls--Another one from the Gossip Girl soundtrack. No other words need be said--I can't resist listening to this song. Plus this one reminds me of that Blair and Chuck scene where B stripped down to her shimmy.

7. 3 Spoons of Suga, Sugababes-This one's off the St. Trinian's movie soundtrack, where they gave Annabelle Fritton (Talulah Riley) a makeover. (PS. I loved Annabelle as a Posh Totty)

8. Seven Nation Army, The White Stripes- A good friend recommended this band to me, and I must say he has good taste!

9. Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Lauryn Hill-This Frankie Valli song stood the test of time, and this song still is fresh even in 1999 when Lauryn Hill did a cover (from her album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill). If this song doesn't make you sing--I don't know what will. ;)

10. Only You, Ellie Goulding-This is the song I couldn't help but move with on my way to work. (I really have to hide the fact that I'm sort of dancing from my fellow commuters, haha)

11.  Dog Days Are Over, Florence and the Machine-Another favourite "go get up and get ready for work" song! Also because, Florence Welch. :)

12. Hit Me Up, Gia Farrell- Listening to this song reminds me of getting to work, and uh, eating a hefty breakfast!

13. Get A Move On, Mr. Scruff- The first time I heard this song was in 2003, when I watched the movie What A Girl Wants. Twelve years on, I still "want" to listen to this song, which I learned, was a sample of Louis Hardin's (aka Moondog) "Bird's Lament," which, by the way, is a pretty cool tune.

14. Second Hand Lovers, John Ralston- For some weird reason, listening to this song makes me think of two lovers at the brink of a precipice, but it comes to a halt. This, however, does not stop me from listening to it on my way to work.

15. 83, John Mayer- Other than this being my birth year, one of my favourite Mayer songs is pretty much stamped with nostalgia. Loved it then, loving it still. :)

I would really love to know about your favourite or pick-me-up songs! Feel free to share about it in your comments! :)


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