Saturday, 12 March 2016

051. What's in my bag?

While on our way to a sensory test activity at work, my friend Bill asked if I ever thought of taking a picture of the contents of my bag (he's posted his on Instagram), and posted it on a social media platform, ie, Instagram. Actually, once upon a time, I did. But I blogged about it, since there was no Instagram yet on 2011. (Or was there already?)

After careful consideration, I've decided to bring my self imposed blog tradition of posting the entire contents of my bag back. I've had a bad experience as I've lost my phone years ago, so, better be safe than sorry! But I think it won't do any harm if I revive that long extinct, self-imposed tradition.  

I've read somewhere that the personal effects of one person determines what he is or she is like.  I'm still wondering if that's true.

Without further ado, the contents of  my bag--starting well, with the bag itself.

I found this bag in the local department store. As a child, I've always had a love for anything British, or Irish. Don't ask me why. So it would come as no surprise that when I found this pretty roomy Union Jack flag, it was love at first sight.

A collective view of all the things inside my bag, held by my trusty bag organiser. I use one, because sometimes it's hard to get things when you can't find exactly where they are. Also, my dad has taught me and my older siblings of the rule "everything in its proper place", which I hope to practise more!

All my stuff spread out, from left to right--above, my essentials pouch (toothpaste, mints, sweets, baby powder--the one I bought has a cooling effect, best for the hottest days of summer, and a hand sanitiser spray), pencil case, eyeglasses (inside the cute pink case), asthma medication number one, my wallet, perfume--Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom, and my make up bag (whose contents I shall later share).

Below, you can see my work ID, my green Starbucks' planner, whose manner of acquisition is shared here, in full detail. Then there's also my little  USB drive, my Romoss power bank, which I've procured from my older brother, and my asthma medication number two.

 My pencil case opened--see the obscene amount of pens being spilled out? Buying stationery (and hoarding it) is my vice, the second being finding the perfect red lipstick.

Below, my "essentials" pouch, whose contents I earlier enumerated. Oops and I forgot that little round pot of Bourjois cream blush (the print faded away) which I use as a pick-me-up because there are times when I am not feeling well, but have to go to work. So I wouldn't look so...ill.

And's my makeup bag. Truth is, there isn't a lot inside, but sometimes, when things are hastily crammed in, it tends to bulge since the contents are put in in a higgledy-piggledy manner. Inside the bag is a mishmash of local brands and brands familiar to nearly every girl who uses makeup.

Where makeup is concerned, I like to have options where blush and lip products are concerned. Probably because I'm lazy, and probably because it might make more sense describing each item by their function, this is how I'm going to group them this time.

Items one, two and four-- They are the first three items that I use in my kit. I really, simply cannot put on makeup without the primer. Admittedly years ago, I would have laughed at you if you tell me that using primer makes makeup application easier. But ever since I've tried using it as per advice of a friend, I began to see why.

Items two and four are local products, but I swear by them! The moisturiser is not greasy, and absorbs easily. It lasts you the whole day even! And the BB cream isn't too heavy and lets my skin breathe. I can only say good things about them.

Items three, six and sixteen- Number three is a lovely local product which is the much cheaper alternative to Benefit's lip and cheek tints. At 180 Php, (£2.74, $3.87 USD--just to show how reasonably priced it is) Bench's Pretty When Pinched lip and cheek tint stays long and unless you use a lot, it won't run out soon. For number sixteen, G-Lish Lip and Cheek Stain in Nude also brings that lovely, natural glow. My Bourjois cream blush (number six) in Little Round Pots are handy when I'm in a hurry (ie., no time to use the lip and cheek tint), My older sister gave them to me and I love 02, 03 and 04! Plus they're easy to blend! While the colour fades in a few hours I still would use them over and over!

Items seven and eight- Surely this doesn't need an explanation. Haha! This Maybelline compact helps keep my face fresh. I don't use the puff very much since I prefer to use the retractable brush.

Nine, ten, and eleven- I use nine and ten (Avon Simply Pretty clear mascara and Maybelline Big Eyes The Falsies mascara) according to mood and time. Sometimes I feel like I could go with just the clear one. Sometimes I want more. My eyeliner (a local brand called Ever Bilena) is pretty much part of my basic, go-to look. Funny how for many years I couldn't even put on eyeliner, and now, I feel weird without it!

Twelve, fourteen, thirteen and five- Before I use the balm stain (Wet and Wild's Mega Slicks Balm stain in Rico Mauve), liquid lipstick (Elf Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry), (plain) lipstick (Mary Kay in red) and the lip and cheek tint, I use lip balm, and I give credit to Maybelline for the Baby Lips balm for making it easy to apply whichever lip colour I use.

I rarely use #15, because unless I go on a night out (which is VERY, VERY RARE), I rarely have reason to use Benefit's Watt's Up--a cream soft-focus highlighter. I would have to use it more often--night out or no.

So ends this what's-in-my-bag post. What do you have in yours? :)

PS. The reason why my phone wasn't present because I was using it to take pictures. Haha! ;)


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