Tuesday, 29 March 2016

053. #FOMO

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We've had the popular hashtags #YOLO, and other related hashtags in every social media engine, and one can only wonder how does one get to the right events and the right functions.

I'm not usually one to attend huge events, but when I do, I usually look forward to it. For instance, the ink calligraphy workshop I attended was an activity I looked forward to attending. Or that beauty fair from my favourite planner brand.

Recently, someone from Eventbrite emailed me about their project, FOMO Prevention. So, you ask, what exactly is FOMO? It's actually Fear of Missing Out.  This Huffington Post article can give you an idea what FOMO is. They have also asked me how do I keep myself informed about events, and this is well, how I kept myself informed up to date.

Lately, I am interested in calligraphy and lettering-well, basically, about typography. I've signed up for newsletters from local craft shops that offer workshops. To be honest, I follow Facebook pages of stuff ranging from frozen yoghurt to brush pens. Probably someday, I could save up to buy that set of Zig brush pens!

 And I do appreciate the value of mailing lists from blogs--they usually have something new to offer every week. Well, almost. I've signed up for newsletters from every possible website. While I may not always be able to attend or afford something, it's good to know that it's there. 

And it's not just Facebook-liking pages that keep me connected. A few days after the ink calligraphy workshop, I was added to the Viber group (Hi, Sweets and Letters!), which informed me of a certain yoghurt brand's promos, as well as new workshops. If only the main branch of my favourite bookstore wasn't so far away, I'd be there often. 

How about you, guys? How do you keep yourselves in the loop?  Please let me know in the comments! 


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