Wednesday, 27 April 2016

058. Come on, skinny love.

For days, this doll standing inside a call centre window has caught several people's attention. If it hasn't yet, then it should be! I pass by this window every day on my way home from work, and I have to admit that I haven't paid much attention to the doll, until one day, I saw this with a note, propped, "Will work for love." This pretty much caught my attention, since lately, I find it difficult to get up for work.  Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for my job, but it seemed that I was focusing on the negatives recently. 

And we can't have that. 

Truth to tell, I'm trying very hard not to make this entry a whine-fest, but sometimes, there are days that I felt like I should be at many places at the same time, and when I don't, I get angry at myself. There will be people who will call me out for something I didn't do, or didn't do properly. But that's okay. It would be a different story if people would let things pass by and before I know it, I would be in trouble. I am grateful when people call my attention about things.

Nine times out of ten, I give myself a scolding for not bringing my A-game  recently. I scold myself for a lot of things lately. Whining about things I cannot do will get me nowhere, I've later realised, and there is only one thing I have to do--do something about it. I write things down, to help me remember, and that I should take it each day at a time. And also, getting mad about something doesn't solve it. It messes things up even more. 

Going about my day would seem like an uphill work, but I am trying the best I could by taking each day at a time, and by praying, and forgiving myself when I've come short. 

I really should be kinder to myself.


Saturday, 23 April 2016

057. The tale of the frightened sardine

I stumbled upon a website where I posted all my literary work*, however mediocre. It had been ages since there was last an update, and forgot about it, until I tried to Google an earlier work that I was looking for, but sadly, I no longer have a copy of it.  There was one particular post, however, that made me laugh--did I really write that? But I did. 

This was written after a class gone wrong, when I was still in law school. You see, in law school, it's a dog-eat-dog world out there. One can be on tenterhooks, wondering if he or she will ever get called. To my relief, I wasn't, but I know the feeling of terror--no matter how one has studied, recitations still manage to put the fear of God in every law student.

Mirroring that sentiment, I have written a poem--one that is also a story about a sardine named Mac, who wandered about, lost sight of his companions, and later finds himself into trouble with other errant fishes. 

Below, I share to you the misadventures of poor Mac, the frightened sardine. Enjoy! :)

Just one day, I was swimming peacefully,
With my friends, in that one school.
They call me Mac, just for fun,
and we were just going about on our adventure.
I suddenly lost sight of them, and lo,
found myself in unfamiliar territory.
Inside a heavy net, the kind my friends warned me to stay away from.

Finding myself with other fish like me
Scared, alarmed and trapped,
not knowing what to do, wanting to get out,
but cannot.
It seems that fate has played a nasty joke.
We didn't think it would happen to us,
but indeed, indeed, it has!


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

056. Last week's (book) haul + those H&M snowflake earrings.

I don't always go out to the mall, but whenever I do, I feel like a little girl let loose in a candy store. While I do like shopping, one would likely find me in the bookshop than in the beauty counter--although I do like makeup, I still have plenty and could go without a new item of beautifying gunk, save for the primer--which is something I couldn't do without. And skincare stuff too. ;)

Sometimes, the best things happen when they unfold unexpectedly. Like the Jojo Moyes book. I was supposed to get the sequel to Me Before You, but sadly, it went out of stock. Instead, I bought The Ship of Brides--another book from the same author that I wanted to read. That book was really something--Jojo Moyes really knows how to make you feel like you were one of the brides in the ship--and see things happen. Maybe one of these days, I'll write how I felt about that book. And probably with Me Before You too!

The white book on top was one bought out of sheer curiosity. Besties is a book that is full of surprises. I never knew how I could relate with the authors in some way--until I read this book! It covers everything from finances, food, friendship and being bullied. 

And finally, the book that I've always wanted to buy! Well, one of. My interest in lettering, calligraphy, and typography is growing tenfold, and I really want to do more. And practice more. This book is more than just a practice pad--it shows different styles that you can learn. Can't wait for the weekend so I can get started! 

After purchasing the books, I went to H&M for a while to look at clothes. Not that I could afford to buy them at the moment, but it's nice looking at them. Apart from clothes-ogling, I was there to buy their nautical-themed earrings, but alas, sadly, they weren't there anymore. So, instead, I bought this little beauty--a set of three snowflake earrings. It's a little too late for Christmas--and winter, for one--but I found that I couldn't resist. So there you go. 

My favourite is the third pair. Very delicate-looking, in spite of it being the biggest of the three. 

That would be all for the time being. Have you had a "haul" for the week, day, or month--and what was your favourite item? Please don't be shy to comment! :)

Till then! :)


Sunday, 17 April 2016

055. Happy Saturday(s)

I always look forward to the weekends simply for the reason I can switch off from things work-related. Back when I was still in law school, Sunday was my only rest day, as I do have Saturday classes.  Borrowing a line from my favourite TV series--"What is a weekend?" --that was pretty much applicable to me!

The weekend also means the time to try new things--like, baking, for instance. Or cooking. One of my baking/cooking goals is to make pancakes from scratch. My dad was asking for an afternoon snack, so I thought of making pancakes. At first, I was about to use the pancake mix, but for some reason, inspiration struck, and I found myself getting the flour box instead. 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

054. Under re-construction

Due to unforeseen circumstances, posting entries will temporarily cease! Am currently sorting things out with this blog (layout concerns, rather), but I promise to have things back to normal programming!

Will be back soon!
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