Saturday, 23 April 2016

057. The tale of the frightened sardine

I stumbled upon a website where I posted all my literary work*, however mediocre. It had been ages since there was last an update, and forgot about it, until I tried to Google an earlier work that I was looking for, but sadly, I no longer have a copy of it.  There was one particular post, however, that made me laugh--did I really write that? But I did. 

This was written after a class gone wrong, when I was still in law school. You see, in law school, it's a dog-eat-dog world out there. One can be on tenterhooks, wondering if he or she will ever get called. To my relief, I wasn't, but I know the feeling of terror--no matter how one has studied, recitations still manage to put the fear of God in every law student.

Mirroring that sentiment, I have written a poem--one that is also a story about a sardine named Mac, who wandered about, lost sight of his companions, and later finds himself into trouble with other errant fishes. 

Below, I share to you the misadventures of poor Mac, the frightened sardine. Enjoy! :)

Just one day, I was swimming peacefully,
With my friends, in that one school.
They call me Mac, just for fun,
and we were just going about on our adventure.
I suddenly lost sight of them, and lo,
found myself in unfamiliar territory.
Inside a heavy net, the kind my friends warned me to stay away from.

Finding myself with other fish like me
Scared, alarmed and trapped,
not knowing what to do, wanting to get out,
but cannot.
It seems that fate has played a nasty joke.
We didn't think it would happen to us,
but indeed, indeed, it has!

For a while it seemed that we were free,
but we erred on that part, for we were
even more trapped, as one of us heard
that we would be brought to a place
where we all meet our impending doom,
in that place of shining objects that
would be like tiny Prisons, or worse, like Coffins.
Trilly, a girl I know from another school shrieked,
"I heard how our heads would be cut off, and soaked in oil!"
and this caused a huge cry of alarm, a collective moan of despair;
For we can no longer have means of escape.

I no longer know what I look like.
Covered in red tar, nearly as red as mine own blood,
probably a touch of scarlet, and as some would say,
very tasty as it would satisfy hunger.
But oh dear, oh dear never will I see again my school,
the starfish, and other beloved fellow water creatures.
For I am trapped, and feeling very forlorn
as I am to be consumed in a less than dignified way,
and to die in a horrendous manner.

So let this story be passed on in the memory of Mac,
the wayward and also, a very frightened sardine,
letting this be a lesson to all other wayward sardines like myself. 


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