Friday, 20 May 2016

061. All this, and everything else, too.

I'm not going to lie. I've been going through a tough week a week ago, and I'm still going through it. But I'm going to do something about it soon! I'm not, at the moment ready to tell you about it yet. Meanwhile, however, one must still fight and soldier on. Today being Friday makes it so much easier, ha! 

Yes, I intentionally posted this as it is. I'm still new to this flatlaying thing, but it's
pretty handy when I make posts! A guide from one of my calligraphy-typography heroes
can be found here. Please do check her out, she's totally awesome! :)
The past weekend found me in one of my favourite malls in the city I live in. I was a woman with a mission; get a copy of Jojo Moyes' After You (a book review will be in the works!) as well as the increasingly popular (elsewhere, seriously Philippines, what are you on about?) The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I bought this book because I seriously need help, and I want to learn.

And yes, it's mission accomplished. I've wanted to buy these books for ever so long, and I thank my favourite bookstore for not failing me for the past five years.

A confession: I fangirl. Yes, I do. And you can only guess why I bought that magazine. The magazine toasts Georgina Wilson (she's one of the It Girls in the Philippines--for a good reason) as she is now Mrs. Burnand. This woman has it all--but she manages to keep it real, and that's why I think she's fabulous. I really do wish Mr. and Mrs. Burnand the best! :)

#TheBurnands. Image source here.

Yesterday, after lunch, the bazaar I always watch out for has returned--they have one stall that is my favourite because they sell the cutest stationery.  No, really. I should take a picture when they come back to the Technohub, which is a stone's throw away from my office. They also have the greatest sketch pads ever--the ink doesn't bleed through, and the texture of the paper isn't too grainy. Perfect for my ink calligraphy practice sheets (well, apart from the lined pad that I bought from a craft store).
There's also that really nifty book lamp that also doubles as a clip lamp. In red, which is my favourite colour. It'll come in handy when I go back to school--which I am excited about--there's something about starting over again. Oh, and the washi tapes. I've got TEN. Ten! Okay, calming down now. Haha. Procuring them has cheered me up for some reason, and I can't wait to use them in some future "projects"--taking advantage of my remaining few months of freedom.

To be honest, I haven't been myself--for a long, long time. And it makes me really, really worried because everything seems to be spiralling downwards. Even at work. I used to be the most organised person, and look forward going to work. Lately, I cringe at the start of a new day, and would count the days until Friday. I don't know why this is happening, and how this came about, but I don't like this feeling. I love my job, and I like how I could contribute to the office where I am working in. I've even envisioned myself still working for them in the future. After all, I've got my parents to look up to. I've grown up there, practically, and could tell you, at the age of four what this symbol means. And it's because of the fact that my parents worked in this government agency for most of their adult life that I've grown to have a keen appreciate of science and technology--even nuclear science--and how it can help everyone. It's not just nuclear bombs (by the way, we're not allowed to do that anymore, as per this website's objective) it covers a lot of fields--ranging from industry to environment, and even food and medicine. So, to be part of this amazing government agency is truly an honour--and I really want to give it my A-game. Come on, a secretary's daily-task list isn't anything to be sneezed at. ;)

So I find it really frustrating that something interferes with this aim--and I really need to know whether it's actually me--or some part of me that causes it. So after many prayers, I'm going to do what I should have done long ago. I don't often say this--but I need your prayers. That's all I'm going to say for now.

The best part of the week--it's one of the things I'm excited about--and one of the bright spots in my otherwise difficult week. A few days ago, we were given our bonus, and so, I was able to treat myself to this.

Yes, a new blog layout! After months--even years of dreaming about the perfect blog layout, I've found something sleek, neat, and put-together. Well, it's what a blog (layout) should be, isn't it?  ;) I got this layout from Pipdig, and since my knowledge of coding is severely limited, I opted to have the layout installed for me. Phil was very helpful, and apart from a slight technicality, the installation went well. Pipdig has an excellent customer service, so purchasing their blog layouts is well recommended. I can't thank Pipdig enough--and you guys deserve more than a mention!

I've got nothing planned for the weekend, except probably to bake cookies and make ice cream! And speaking of ice cream, a really cool video from's YouTube channel demonstrates how to make ice cream--easy peasy! All you'll need is a mixer, two cans of cream (all purpose will do), a can of condensed milk and flavouring oil.

Oh, I almost forgot that I'll be attending a workshop on brush pen calligraphy! How could I have forgotten when I've been looking forward to this for so long!

Sorry for the long post! How's your week, and what will you be doing on the weekend?

Till then! 


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