Wednesday, 1 June 2016

063. Lately, lately.

Me with my friends from law school at a christening celebration. One of our friends, Giselle (not pictured), invited us to her son's christening celebration. It's been great to see these girls as I haven't seen them in ages. Photo courtesy of Lorelie Dema-ala, who by the way is the gorgeous girl with the red matte lippie.

The previous week had me ill--severe asthma knocked me down, making me go off work for a week. In a way, I saw it coming, since I kept forcing myself to go to work even though I feel unwell (translation: my health is taking a nosedive on account of the summer weather). I've been doing so for several weeks--a month, to be honest.

The Sunday before that, I attended this really cool brush calligraphy workshop which is put up by this pen and art supply store. Brush calligraphy is a bit more tricky than pointed pen calligraphy in a way that it's a bit difficult for me (as a lefty)  to control the strokes and relax the grip on the pen at the same time. It was fun learning though. The workshop facilitator, Oats Diy, was really very patient--my hand having a mind of its own!

The kit for this workshop included a calligraphy practice pad, three brush pens, and the manual of sorts. The card with my name is actually a place card  for seating arrangements. I think I'm going to use this as a bookmark in the future!

I've spent the whole working week holed up at home. During that time, I saw this series of books in my bookshelf--having been long unread. I think the last time I read them was seven years ago! I'm referring to the Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman trilogy by Pamela Aidan. It's really interesting to get into the head of the aloof Mr. Darcy. When I was reading Pride and Prejudice, I disliked Darcy at first; pretty much raged when he had a hand in breaking Jane's heart. In the first and second book of the trilogy, he was such an arse. My opinion of him changed half way through the third book, and made me think, He really is in love with Lizzy!

Anyone who grew up reading--or is still reading P&P knew what Mr. Darcy did for Elizabeth. Especially when Lydia eloped with Mr. Wickham--what exactly happened? If you ever get the chance to read the third book, These Three Remain, Darcy will take you to a very seedy neighbourhood where he would make a deal with Wickham that would repair Lydia Bennet's reputation. If that doesn't smack of love, then I don't know what else to call it. Haha, I've given more spoilers than I should have. :p

Fast forward to Sunday, and I hitched a ride with one of my friends from law school, Gertrude--but we call her Gerty. She and I had a bit of catching up--and I think it's one of the things that helped make me feel considerably better--spending time with my friends. The last time I saw her, it was at our friend Giselle's wedding. Now, we're going to her son's christening--how time flies! Cliche, yes, but no less true. I've looked forward to this event--and I wasn't disappointed. Then again, if you're with your friends, there's never a dull moment.

I think it was almost two in the afternoon when our group kissed Giselle and her baby goodbye and went home. And mini-reunions like this make me think: we should meet up again.

I know it's a question asked too late, but how did your weekend go? :)

*Image credits: for Pamela Aidan's An Assembly Such as This
Lorelie Dema-ala for the top photo.

Sorry I forgot to give them a mention earlier! :(


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