Tuesday, 19 July 2016

065. That very late Me Before You movie review.

It's always awesome to spend time with your friends--no matter how large or small the number. And that's exactly what my law school bestie and I did.

We watched the most anticipated movie for this year--aka. Me Before You.

Cast: Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Brendan Coyle, Matthew Lewis, Jenna Coleman, Charles Dance, Samantha Spiro, Janet McTeer, Vanessa Kirby, and Ben Lloyd-Hughes.

Elle and I, along with our friend Nina (who is also my law sorority sister. She is currently in the US so she wasn't able to make it) have been looking forward to it for months--since the trailer was released. In my case, I've read the book, and was pretty excited to see how it would turn out. Luckily, Jojo Moyes also wrote the screenplay so I would have no reason to be disappointed!

For those who haven't read the book (although this would be impossible), the story begins where Louisa "Lou" Clark (adorably portrayed by Emilia Clarke) lost her job when the cafe she was working in closed down. She found a job later on--and she meets Will Traynor--a very successful, adventurous, thrill-seeking banker (the very gorgoeus Sam Claflin brings this character to life) turned into a cynical, sarcastic quadriplegic. Lou refuses to treat Will with kid gloves, eventually becoming friends with him, and later, developing feelings for each other--despite the presence of Patrick--Lou's thoughtless boyfriend in her life.

Lou--after discovering that Will intends to end his own life becomes a woman with a mission: change Will's mind about his ending his own life by a series of trips and adventures. Despite Lou's efforts, he remains undeterred. Heartbroken, Lou refuses to speak to him for the rest of the trip. However, she goes to his side in Switzerland, seeing him before he died. After his death, Will has left Lou a sum of money enough for her to have options in life. He exhorts her to "live well". 

I've seen a few differences such as the absence of Georgina, Will's sister. The other part of the book that was left out was Mr. Traynor's affair with another woman, but it was something the audience could do without. 

One of my favourite scenes in the movie was after the wind concerto that Will and Lou attended. For some reason, something about that scene was magical. And particularly the line, "I just want to be a man who's been to a concert with a girl in a red dress."

I think the cast did a wonderful job in making the story come alive. Sam Claflin pretty much was Will in flesh--handsome, charming, adventurous, and later, cynical, moody and snarky. One of my favourite lines from Will is, "You don't have to talk across me, Mother. My brain isn't paralysed. Yet." Emilia Clarke, as Lou, pretty much engaged me from the moment she appeared on screen, with her sweet, winning smile.

Last night, my friend Lorie and I discussed the movie and one of the topics we covered was Will's suicide. I for one, couldn't imagine how difficult it is to live a life of a quadriplegic. We know that the movie had plenty of critics--mainly among some Christian communities. While both Lorie and I are Christians, we know that life shouldn't be taken on a "one-size, fits all" approach. And that's what the critics failed to see. Unless we've been in Will's shoes, we really can't get on our high horse and condemn his decision.

Perhaps, I could close this review by asking: Did you see the movie? Did you like it? Or, if not, what didn't you like about it?  


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