Sunday, 28 August 2016

069. Ear Candy: Music that I have been listening to for the past few weeks.

I swear I am wearing earphones--my hair keeps them well hidden. Haha! 

Music has always been in my bloodstream. While I can carry a tune, and am a member of our office choir, I love listening to music more. It's actually a vice (next to books, food, stationery, art materials and lipstick, haha)--I would spend money on music, buying CDs of new releases by my favourite artists--long before the days of iTunes. 

Thanks to this awesome vlogger family--I am introduced to new music as cool as the family--so cool that I listen to it on repeat on my phone while I am on my way to work--and even while working! :) 

Here's the list of awesome songs--old and new that I would like to share with you. I'm also including a few songs outside their playlist--old songs thats I have been inspired to listen to again. Please note that they are listed in random order, and titles are in italic. :)

1. My Hands-Blue Bay Foxes
2. Express-Christina Aguilera, Burlesque Original Music Soundtrack
3. Nocturne 19 in E minor, Op.72 No.1-Frederic Chopin; Benjamin Grosvenor
4. This Charming Man-The Smiths
5. Mr. Brightside-The Killers
6. Mid-Air-Paul Buchanan
7. Sweet Jane-Garret Kato
8. Tonight-Stephen Day
9. Someone Else Inside You-The Anti-Job
10. Winning Team-Old Daisy
11. Hey Now-The Regrettes
12. YOU-Afreaux
13. From the Second Act, Un Bel Di Vedremmo from the Madame Butterfly opera- Puccini, Hamburg Symphony Orchestra; Chorus of the Theatro Nuovo di Milano
14. Blush-Wolf Alice
15. Firecracker-New York Movie
16. White Noise-Black Books
17. Great Indoors-John Mayer
18. Dots on Maps-Say Hi
19. Maps-The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
20. Is This Love?- Corinne Bailey Rae
21. Leopold Street- The Paper Kites

What's on your playlist lately? :)


Sunday, 14 August 2016

068. July in review.

It has been the best of months, and the worst of months. Sorry, Dickens, for stealing this from you...sort of.

But July has been a roller coaster in many ways that it's hard to put my fingers to the  keyboard where that is concerned! I don't often write about my family (because privacy and security), but my dad has been in and out of the hospital. But with prayers, he's much, much better. To be honest, though, I was so scared most of the time. Wondering if my dad would be okay again--he's not getting younger, and a few months' shy of eighty--and he's gotten so thin and sick of late. But, as my older sister puts it, he's wonderfully stubborn--it's in the genes, I suppose, haha. Kidding aside, we are grateful that he's putting up a fight, and doing wonderfully well. 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

067. Scales of Justice

I know that I'm going to get in trouble after I hit the publish button but I'm going to write on, anyway.

Sometimes, I'm just like Blair Waldorf in the video above.

For the past few weeks, the Philippines has seen a lot of change. Changes that the new president has brought. Some of them elicited approval, some with dismay and anger. To be honest, I feel like I am that curious bystander, especially on Facebook. I see people who air their views with approval, others with barely concealed ire as they post their outrage over the latest issues--the extrajudicial killings of drug lords, drug pushers and their ilk, and the return of the death penalty. Other days, I can only laugh, but most of the time, I am seething. Seething because you really can't just stop hypocrisy.

One friend from church posted something in favour of the current administration and a mutual friend and I commented something about it. While I am first and foremost a Christian, I am also that person who doesn't suffer fools gladly, and I get brutally frank at the worst of times, which I understand  can be conflicting at best. So I admit I pretty much gave that person a piece of my mind. Just when I thought that the person who replied to my comments were getting to see my point, he began to message me on Facebook, TELLING ME HOW MUCH OF A BETTER PERSON HE IS than the person who made that main Facebook post.

I would like to tell you that I was really sweet and gracious about it. But to people who pretend to know more than they actually do, and claim that they are the better person over the person they compare themselves to--well, that's a different conversation. So I told him quite bluntly that we better call it a night, because with the way the conversation was going, it was going to end in...well, let's just say that it's not going to be pretty. I don't like arguments, I don't like conflicts. I hate debates, so I guess that's one reason why I will never be in litigation if and when I become a lawyer--but when there are people who seem to dig themselves into a hole where they'd go to the point of no return, I sometimes perversely dig the hole deeper for them--letting them ramble on and on, while I say no more.

So, I have a question for you all. How do you deal with holier-than-thou people who think that their way is the only way, and that their opinion is the ONLY right opinion, as if their word is law? Would it be better to end the conversation...or fight your way back?

Coming back to the main point, I see those news everyday, and sometimes I comment, sometimes I don't. Because there will be people who won't listen to your point of view, and probably criticise your opinion--and mark you as a bad person because of your opinions. It does happen everywhere. Be that as it may, I sometimes have this moment: "Will I respond to the comment, or will I let them bloody well alone?"

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