Sunday, 14 August 2016

068. July in review.

It has been the best of months, and the worst of months. Sorry, Dickens, for stealing this from you...sort of.

But July has been a roller coaster in many ways that it's hard to put my fingers to the  keyboard where that is concerned! I don't often write about my family (because privacy and security), but my dad has been in and out of the hospital. But with prayers, he's much, much better. To be honest, though, I was so scared most of the time. Wondering if my dad would be okay again--he's not getting younger, and a few months' shy of eighty--and he's gotten so thin and sick of late. But, as my older sister puts it, he's wonderfully stubborn--it's in the genes, I suppose, haha. Kidding aside, we are grateful that he's putting up a fight, and doing wonderfully well. 

They have interactive exhibits like this one, which teaches people about radiation and radioactivity, and its peaceful uses. On the other side of the room, the exhibit shows the services that the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute offers :)
Since my mum and I are the ones primarily taking care of him-which involves late nights of waking up, it's inevitable that I get sick too--and I feel terrible that I couldn't do so much for both my parents. If you have had--or are currently suffering from asthma, you will know how difficult it is to do a lot, especially when you're constantly coming up for air. I also feel bad for being off work a lot, especially when there's a lot to do--and I missed this year's opening of the National Science and Technology Week--an event that the mother agency of the office I work for has every year. But I still managed to take pictures of this year's exhibits--they had a different concept this year, so we had the opportunity to have in house exhibits and facility tours. 

Other cool stuff that the office does! :)

I'm currently hopping from one personal project from another. My friends and I have banded together and put up a blog called The Caviar Bar Blog, or simply The Caviar Bar. Since all four of us have different job schedules, we're still sorting out how we could consistently write. There's a little story why it was called that. Originally, there's only three of us, but a fourth member came in just recently, so we can't wait to have that next brainstorming meeting! :) 

There's not much to post for this month--I've learned a lot from it though. At the moment, I can not share it yet, since it's too close to home. But even with everything that's happened, I'm happy with how July ended. 

Again, I've reached a crossroads as to where this blog is headed. Since I just got a new template, closing it down is out of the question. A format change would be in the works then. And possibly, do something I've never done before: make a vlog. 

I know it's already nearly halfway through the month, but I'm still excited as to how it works out. :) 

Till then! x


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