Thursday, 1 September 2016

070. On taking the plunge.

Hello! Just another update...well, no, not really. Not "just another". It's very special since it's the first time in my blogging life that I'll be doing this--like, ever. I kid you not! :) And I'm very, very excited! :) 

A brief background story: I discovered this blogging community through a friend's blog. One of the "badges" in her sidebar caught my attention and I clicked on and found Jemma, aka Dorkface's blog, the main woman behind The Girl Gang. I joined the Facebook group, and I am happy to be part of this awesome group who helps and supports each other. Can it be any more cooler? :) While I am mostly a lurker in the group--sorry, will be a little more active in the future--joining this group has been one of the best things I ever did for the past...few months. :)

One of the members of The Girl Gang group on Facebook, Aimee Caitlin, had a brilliant idea--a thirty day blog challenge, with the members of the group pitching in the blog challenge ideas. This is the first one off her list. So here it goes.

I'm Layla, a law student on hiatus, a frozen yogurt, blueberry cheesecake eating Filipina, who is also a public servant working in this government agency, which is located in a city called Quezon City, named after one of the presidents of the Philippines--the second, if I'm not too mistaken. It is one of the cities that comprise Manila, which is the capital city of the Philippines. Having grown up in this city, I can only marvel at how much it has changed, and how fast it has been. Back when I was a wee one of four, it was already a treat if I could go to the nearby store (not so "near" since it is actually one eighth of a kilometer to my home) and get this snack that has been a childhood favourite--pictured below, oops. Total heaven in a cup!
Oops, here's me wandering a bit from the topic again.

What I mean to say is that the city I grew up in--a small one, even from a four year-old lass' eyes, is now bigger, busier, and there's so much to see. And do.

One of my memories of this snack is that we used 
to get this in the airport--the only place where it
can be bought. At one point in my childhood, we
frequented the airport because my parents go on
official trips a lot. Image source here.
There are many reasons why I love my hometown--city, rather. One is that it's near to where I work, therefore saving me from looking up another abode. Another thing is that you can do a lot of things in the city I live in. If you're one for food, there are plenty of good restaurants, such as this one, serving unique, tasty, and filling food (I'm probably biased because I know who owns it--but it's worth a trip.) Anyone who loves to shop will find my home city a haven--it's dotted with malls. There's three in the neighbourhood where I live, and three near my place of work.

You can go jogging in this university community if you're one for keeping fit, play football (gee, I miss this), throw frisbees, and even have a picnic in their Sunken Garden. It's a pretty well-known place there.

And finally, the last two, and the most important reasons why I love the city I live in. My place of work. Again, I might be biased because I practically grew up there (my parents were once employees)--among beakers, test tubes, and microscopes--but this is my second home. I am happy to be working for a place whose vision I believe in, and would be happier contributing more.

And yes, those trees.

Apologies for my finger getting in the way! This the old building of the government institution that I work in. Taken during a lovely, late summer afternoon.

And the last reason why I love my city? My family of course. This is what makes it home.

What about you? What do you love most about your hometown? It would be lovely if you leave in some comments, it would be nice to be able to get to know you all more. :)

Till then! :)

Note: Image credits here and here. Thanks Aimee for letting us use the Blog Challenge List image! :)

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