Saturday, 3 September 2016

072. That favourite artist post. || Day 3/GGBlogChallenge

Hellooo! :) How are you all doing? :) Hope everyone's okay. 

On Aimee's 30 day list, we are to share our favourite band/musician.  This, admittedly, is a very tricky challenge, as I have a lot of favourites, I kid you not.

But I'm going to try! I originally intended to share just my favourite band. But I wasn't sure if it was one of each, or just either-or, so I went ahead and included the musician--he's too good a musician to keep to myself if people don't know him already, which I am sure they do, but, just in case!

My favourite band would be Starsailor--a band that was formed in 2000. A trivia: Their frontman, James Walsh, was a choir boy prior to forming the band--which probably explains how their songs are delivered with passion--there's a certain soul in every song he sings.

 I love this band for their lyrics and their music, which may be a bit loud, but that's okay. Their lyrics stand out for me as they seem to touch everything that a lot of people encounter in real life--love,  death, abuse, grief, anger, joy.

"The Good Souls" from the album Love is Here is my favourite track from the band. Well, at least one of. Also, listening to this song has a strange, calming quality.


Hands down, Jamie Cullum is my favourite musician! He's that guy who plays the piano and sings like he owns it. He's really awesome at re-introducing well known jazz songs such as Cole Porter's "Just One of Those Things", or Ira Gershwin's "I Can't Get Started" to a new generation of music lovers. His voice can actually generate any mood, ranging from playful to sentimental.

He made a cover and transformed the Rihanna original "Don't Stop The Music" into a song that's something subtly sexy (no, really), and I personally prefer it to the original. Sorry, Rihanna! :)

While Jamie's voice sounds good in music videos, I like his voice better live.

So that's Day 3 done! :) I can't wait to post for Day 4--but meanwhile, do let me know who your favourite musician or band is. Let's talk about it here! :)


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