Saturday, 10 September 2016

074. Goodness, gracious.


This, last weekend.. I am about to undertake the first major project 
of my life--my room renovation. Really excited and nervous at the 

same time. Crossing fingers everything turns out well! Currently 

in the planning stages, so I am welcoming Pinterest board suggestions! 

Last weekend found me in the hardware store, something I haven't done in ages. For some weird reason, I've enjoyed going to the hardware to look at supplies. Probably it's due to some fantasy of getting my own home that I have this hidden obsession of looking for paint swatches, blinds, mirrors, and yes, even doorknobs.

I should do this more often--in fact, I actually would, in the future. After almost fifteen years of the egg-yolk yellow walls and the very large, under-utilised closets, it's time to say goodbye to them! After procuring permission from my dad and older sister, I am now going to undertake the first, major project of my life. One that would require plenty of planning, materials, and of course, money. So, Pinterest suggestions are very much welcome! :) I've already shared a board with my older sister, but you know, the more, the merrier! We need a huge pool of suggestions! :) 

This will also be an incredible learning experience. When I was younger, I left matters like these to my parents; now I wish I've gotten myself involved! Who are the good people to hire for a painting job, who to hire to knock down walls, how much a project like this would cost. I'm a bit terrified, but I'm eager to learn!

Anyone who has had experience in renovating their bedroom, I would gladly welcome your suggestions!

I'll be blogging about my renovation experiences with the tag #rebuilding spaces. 

After getting those colour swatches and skimmed through supplies and related paraphernalia, I treated myself to this huge lunch from a restaurant that has always been a childhood favourite. The French Baker is a popular--well, relatively popular restaurant here in the Philippines, with a wide range of meal selections. Their Chicken Ala King has been my childhood favourite (pictured below). I'm probably using the excuse of eating this delicious meal in order to be able to "learn" how I can duplicate this at home, with or without the vol au vent shell.

Their dessert selection is also varied. From cakes to cream puffs, they're all delicious. My new favourite dessert from The French Baker is the Parisian Macarons. Colourful, light and tasty, I thought initially this dessert was too sweet for my liking.  But after a friend gave me a box a few years after tasting it, it became love at second taste. I've been buying their macarons for a year now.

The French Baker's Chicken Ala King has always been my favourite meal in their restaurant.

 Their macarons, while not Laduree, taste fantastic. Totally worth a try!
They have many delicious flavours such as raspberry, lemon-lavender,
pistachio, chocolate ganache, and rose! 


Everyone loves a challenge, it seems. One of the bloggers I follow made this thirty day challenge and it's been such fun to do it. Things have been crazy busy over the past few days, so unfortunately, I missed doing some--but it's been worth it! I'll tell you why one of these days.

If you haven't already, please drop by to Everyday Aimee's blog. She's the one who compiled the list of blog challenges that one can do daily for thirty days! :) How cool is that? :) On Day 9, I am to write a letter to my sixteen year-old self. Let's see how that one goes! :)

So, that's what I have been up to lately! How about you? Any new places you have been into, new food tasted? It will be very nice if you leave a comment, would love to talk about it! :)


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