Saturday, 8 October 2016

079. On hold, but still here.

Hellloooo! I'm still here...and the blog isn't going anywhere either. It's just...trying to sort itself out as to what it really wants to be. 

If that makes sense.

For the past few days I've mulled over things. People do change as time passes, and at my age, I have more or less figured out who I am and what I want...and do not want. The same thing goes for things I can and cannot do. I've decided to really, finally stay. My blog won't go away--although it might change names, change urls and platforms. And the way I want to tell my story to you guys. I just haven't decided yet. 

Oh, and a few days ago, I celebrated my birthday. It was, for the past three years, with my favourite people at work. One of them shares a birthday with me. Just that day, however, I wished that I had someone else to share it with apart from family and friends. No, it's not a self-pity party, but one just can't help wishing. I am, however, grateful for my family and friends. Without them, I wouldn't be where I am right now.

Sadly, no pictures evidenced the gathering, as we were all too busy eating (haha no surprise there).  I am happy to say however, that my rum cake was a hit--despite the glaze being a bit gritty. Someone from work is already hinting that he will order one from me. Only time will tell if he is serious about it. Because, why not? :)

My plans to renovate my room are on hold, because of lack of funds, despite my plans of reusing some of the wood that would be from the closet that I intended to have --but it does not stop me from having a design in mind, checking out Pinterest boards from time to time (when I am not being distracted by the gorgeous vintage fashions), and yes, picking out paint swatches.  Kate Arends' blog Wit and Delight had a post about colour palettes, and how one's walls don't have to be starkly, boringly white. My older sister and I have agreed on the greeny-sea type colours--they have a calming effect on one's mind, and people should feel calm and relaxed when they enter their own sanctuary, don't you think?

So for now, I am making rough drafts of what I want my room to look (lol finally),  and I've been inspired by a few of those pictures I've seen in Pinterest (thank God for Pinterest)--don't you agree that they are a dream to look at?

I still have more in mind, but at the moment, these three are my top three. I am thinking of making one of the doors of the soon to be dismantled clothes closet a table top. It's very long, and man, I need long tables, given the amount of things that I have (hello books, stationery, yo).

I should probably try and play the lottery so I can finally have my room renovated.

I'll be back, guys.

Image source here, here, and here. And also Kate Arends' Wit and Delight for the paint palette.

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